The amazing winter signing Levante

The amazing winter signing Levante
Fahad A surprising is the Mullawad winter signing of the Levant. Photo: Levante OUT

Not a good time for granotas, with alone 9 Points of 45 possible without winning a league match since November. The fans walk levantinistas concerned about the dynamics of the team that has squandered up 9 points to finish just two drop. The greatest hope of granota parish focused on the winter market where the sport direction of Orriols He has made a move less surprising. It has announced the signing of surprise Fahad Al Mullawad from the Saudi Al Ittihad in the form of transfer to the 30 of June.

We say it is less surprising given that the Levante life is played and the signing of this player born in 1994 It does not seem profile of a set that needs urgent solutions. Fahad Al Mullawad, plays right end, measure 1,67 and a media icon in his country, Arabia Saudí, where he signed for Levante, announced by the official club account, He has sparked an unprecedented media interest. We do not know if his performance on the field will be optimal or not, but his arrival at the club granota involves a high media interest in that part of the planet.

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