Toni Jimenez gave a goal to parakeets

Toni Jimenez gave a goal to parakeets
Tamudo scored a rogue goal against Toni Jiménez. PHOTO: Digital Freedom

Toni Jimenez will never forget that day. The Copa del Rey final year 2000 He brought one of the worst mistakes that are recalled in a doorman. Espanyol and Atletico Madrid at the Mestalla faced by the coveted Cup title, when Raúl Tamudo took advantage of an oversight by Toni Jímenez, Athletic goalkeeper moment, head to steal the ball and get hands thus score the first goal.

Tamudo left Toni Jiménez in evidence with a rogue play

The meeting ended 2-1, but without any doubt, Tamudo roguery, and after Toni influenced much for Espanyol Copa del Rey third will be awarded. Toni Jimenez, former parakeet of a lifetime, It closed a black year. Alternate Molina in the Atletico box, and Atletico down to Second, He looked like many of the options Cup triumph had escaped from his hands, never better said. of having won, Atlético would have been one of those teams that played in Europe being in Second but it was Espanyol who took the cat to the water and played that season 2000-01 in European competition.

Tamudo scored a goal against Toni Jiménez in the final of the Copa del 2000
Tamudo made trouble for Toni Jiménez in the final of the Copa del Rey of the year 2000 in Mestalla. PHOTO: Brand

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