The keys to Messi's departure from Barça

The keys to Messi's departure from Barça
Laporta in his appearance for the departure of Messi from Barcelona. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

What have been the keys to Messi's departure From Barcelona? Today, Barça set up a circus and dwarfs grow. The club's situation is so unsustainable that finally Laporta, the only hope for the great social mass culé, has not been able to prevent the exit of Messi.

The Argentine star and the team of all his life had reached an agreement, and when the only thing missing was to capture the signature, everything ends up jumping through the air. Definitely, the operation was very complicated. Many already predicted that it was impossible to carry out, but all the previous information pointed to what would be achieved.

Reality has left a resounding 'no'. Leo is out of the FC Barcelona and the beginning of the ‘Post Messi era’ has come much earlier than expected.

Bartomeu's heritage and the financial 'Fair Play', main pitfalls

In a fairly large press conference, Joan Laporta He has shown his face to explain the reason for this situation.

The Barça president wanted to make it clear at all times that the renewal agreement was total, and that both parties had done their best to Messi continue to defend the '10' in Can Barça.

However, in the last sprint LaLiga communicated that said agreement (five years of contract) it did not fit within the regulations either. It's more, the entity directed by Javier Tebas, would have hinted at Barcelona that the only option to enroll Messi was to accept the agreement League-CVC.

That way he did not want to enter a Laporta who is not convinced by an operation that, for him, would mean mortgaging part of the club's television rights for the next 50 years. "Barça is above everything and everyone", argued with great reason.

At the same time, Own Joan Laporta recognized that the norm of the famous ‘Fair Play ’financial imposed by the Spanish competition they already knew it, and that, regardless of it, the disastrous inheritance received by Bartomeu has left the FC Barcelona bankrupt, this being the main reason, and obvious, why Messi will not be able to renew.

The numbers are scary

The first audit findings have revealed a bleak outlook. Laporta and your current board of directors have encountered a much more serious problem, as recognized by the Catalan president in that press conference:

“Losses this season have been 487 millions of euros, and we anticipated some 200“, he claimed.

The ratio that we have of the salary limit is 4-1. To enter 25 million we have to release 100 ", he sentenced.

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