Daniel Passarella, the only Argentine to have won two World

Daniel Passarella, the only Argentine to have won two World
Daniel Pasarella with the World Cup of 1978. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

Daniel Passarella es, without a doubt, a peculiar kind where there. One of those cases where the character overcomes the person to joy of his supporters and his detractors penalty. One of six men to be player, coach and president of the same club, It has the honor of being the only Argentine to have known able to lift two World Cups of the Albiceleste, something that it recalls a phrase of hers that do not escape anyone: “in Argentina there 44 World Champions medals for 43 players”.

Daniel Passarella, the leader

although perhaps, beyond the special character, would have to keep his legacy, with the one that is possibly the best Argentine central defender in history and surely one of the best centre-backs in history.

Exalted out when the ball, brave in court, correct in the air game, his great technique allowed him to count the counter attacks as coolly to mark goals in opposing goal. And it is no mistake, Passarella was not only a defense, a large central, a magnificent score, was also the defense has never gotten more goals in the Primera Division in Argentina and the second in the world.

He began his career in the Sarmiento de Junin 1973 with scarcely 20 years, in a season prior to what was his access to River Plate a year later after being observed by nestor rossi who was captivated by his talent. Precisely, he “Beanie Rossi” would soon know to what kind of player he was when, after questioning him about his desire to debut in River a response stronger than he found: “discúlpeme the disputes, I encourage you to play, must see if you are encouraged to wear”.

The only Argentine who has won 2 World Cups

A statement of intent that would serve to define his career in the millionaire club his entire career in general, because with River would win 3 national and 4 Metropolitans, in addition to earning the right to be international for the World Cup 1978, in the one with Kempes in front he was going to raise the first World Cup in the history of Argentina, and as captain.

indisputable figure in all equipment was (all was captain), Pasarella change of scenery after the World Cup in Spain signed for Fiorentina, in which it would be four years marking 39 goals in just over 100 Meetings winning Serie A in his first course. Four years would end in 1986, where it would be transferred to Inter. Precisely, that same summer he would win another World Cup, that of Mexico, where despite not playing for an intestinal infection and a tear, formed group and morally helped group Bilardo and Maradona.

Two years at Inter and last in River, and return, would serve as a coda to a career 16 years would continue on the bench. Ower River, where he wins two openings, one league, Monterrey where he would win another championship Aztec, and especially for Argentina, that with which won the Olympic silver in Atlanta 96, but which he failed to shine in two World Cups he played and which starred quite a few controversial episodes of the obligation imposed on its players to play with short hair (why Fernando Redondo was no more international caps) to prevent greater confusions.

President of River in his relegation to B

Catwalk that was a true idol in all facets for the people of River, had the dishonor, bad luck or whatever you want to call being the president of River Plate in its only relegation to the B, the second division argentina. A moment that until then was unprecedented and that was a real bomb within the 'Millionaire' club. So much so that he did not even appear at the stadium again after the traumatic descent.

Concern for your state of health

In July 2022 sad news broke about the state of health of the Caudillo. Apparently and according to Argentine media, Daniel Passarella would suffer strong symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, two harsh degenerative diseases.

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