Best Argentinian defenses in history

Best Argentinian defenses in history

Who are the best defenses Argentine history? In the beautiful game, the priority is the goal. The fans yearns for singing and vibrate every time the ball pierces the network and kisses. But not all is bliss and euphoria, since a game opposition, in which the goal is to score and do not write down, you also have to suffer, "Tying males" and defend. In Argentina, yes, the birthplace of Maradona and Messi, They know what is to enjoy fantastic "marshals", as they call them.

1. Daniel Passarella

Daniel Alberto Passarella has to its credit the distinction of being the only Argentine player who has been part of two teams that won the World Cup in 1978 Y 1986. But this figure is accompanied by another special player, his goalscoring facet: 134 goals in 451 meetings. Atletico Sarmiento de Junín, River, Fiorentina and Inter enjoyed their huge performances.

Daniel Pasarella, one of the best defenses Argentine history.
Daniel Pasarella, one of the best defenses Argentine history. PHOTO: Clarion

Roberto Perfumo

Symbol and emblem of Argentine soccer between early 60 and late 70. Strong-willed, overall leader on the lawn, win at Racing and River Plate, In addition to playing in the Brazilian Cruzeiro. He dressed up in the albiceleste 37 occasions. Among several titles include 4 league and Copa Libertadores.

Javier Zanetti

Very early, and in the Club Talleres de Remedios de Escalada and later at the Club Atletico Banfield, Zanetti blunted as a staunch defender, seasoned with a tremendous quality, circumstance that led him to take the airlift for Italy to anchor in Calcio.

Milan was his destiny and there began to forge his legend with the conquest of 16 Titles. Then signed for Inter, where he became the foreign player with most appearances in Serie A. With Argentina he achieved another impressive record: become the player with the most caps. By the way we recommend the story of his goal in France 98 who saved a life thousands of km.

With this action, Javier Zanetti saved a life without knowing.
With this action, Javier Zanetti saved a life without knowing.

Silvio Marzolini

Definitely, one of the best left side in the history of Argentina. He was one of the most prominent men World 1966. Ex-coach, engaged in the world of journalism, and idol of the fans of Boca Juniors.

Jose Luis “El Tata Brown”

Argentine Central Mythical who came to play with a dislocated shoulder at the end of World Mexico 1986 which also he scored a goal. He came to make a hole in his shirt so as to immobilize his shoulder and continue playing. One of the Argentine best defenses in history.

Argentine best defenses in history
Tata Brown in the World Cup final in Mexico 1986 with the legendary hole in his shirt. He died in August 2019. PHOTO: Be
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  1. FOR ME , ONE OF THE BEST WAS PASSARELLA, CAPITAN AND BENCHMARK. AS THE DEFENSES that complemented PERFUMO BEST AND BASILE. BOTH BETWEEN YOU AND ALSO tightly marked remorselessly beat you Characteristically AS OF THE TIME. Comparisons are odious but for the younger ones who saw TOGETHER IS AS IF DIEGO LUGANO PLAYED THE PATRON BERMUDEZ Y. REGARDS.

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