War in the Sporting CP: President suspends 19 players

War in the Sporting CP: President suspends 19 players
Sporting players after falling at the Metropolitan (Photo: Getty Images)

Defeat and especially the image offered by the Sporting Club of Portugal last Thursday at the Metropolitan Wanda has had serious consequences for the players of this club. On President, Bruno Carvalho, He has decided to suspend 19 Players of the first team after a reported crossing.

If a few days ago was the chief executive of Olympiacos which he took a drastic decision with his players, now is the president of Sporting CP has shown that surfeit with the template of your team. Bruno de Carvalho harshly criticized the game around in your facebook, something that had an immediate response from his players refused to train on his arrival in Lisbon to receive an explanation and / or apology.

Rui Patricio, captain set lisboeta, He wrote the following message: “This text reflect our distaste for the statements of our president after the game yesterday, in which we obtained a result that did not want, and lack of support at this time of the one who should be our leader, after pointing the finger to blame the performance of the players publicly, when joining a group it is governed by the joint effort, whatever the situation we are going. All issues are resolved within the group”.

But nevertheless, far from receiving the required apology, Sporting president charged again, stating that all players involved in that statement led by Rui Patricio “They are immediately suspended, having to face the discipline of the club”.

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