They add up 3 more arrested in the case and the figure Eldense and up to five

They add up 3 more arrested in the case and the figure Eldense and up to five
The player on loan from Valencia to Eldense, Mike Fernandez is one of those arrested for the alleged rigging of 12-0. Photo: AS

The National Police has detained the first team players Cháfer Nicolas Fernandez Garcia and Michael Wayne Greenwood, known as Mike Fernández, which is playing at the club Elda loan from Valencia CF. It has also been arrested Francisco Ruiz Casares, who exercised as an official trainer for the lack of official card of one of the first detainees, coach Filippo di Pierro shadow.

the president of an investment group that manages join the club, and Italian Nobile Caputo, as reported by sources close to the investigación.A detainees are attributed a crime of private corruption. The five arrested will be brought to justice over Wednesday.

Mikey Wayne Fernández Greenwood, Valencia midfielder on loan until end of season Eldense, he went to a police station to declare Elda and according to the latest information, He has been arrested along with four other team members. The player just became famous after appearing crying on every television in the world after the humiliating defeat against Barcelona B by 12-0. Apparently they themselves had bet they would lose 8-0 the rest as the uncapped players Mendy and Cheikh Saad.

Mike was one of those who left crying after the game. The police have arrested for their alleged involvement. Photo: Youtube

This information is added to the emerged this morning when he announced that the Italian coach Filippo Di Pierro and president of investment group, Generous Caputo, They were arrested for this case. also he announced that this same person had tried to do the same in Jumilla.

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