The teams in the world with more partners

The teams in the world with more partners
Bayern Munich is the team with the most partners in the world. PHOTO: Sport
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¿What are the teams with more partners in the world? The biggest clubs in the world can boast of having their backs to a large number of covering them up behind people and encouraging in bad times. Large stadiums and large cities often go hand in hand. Although no less essential component is the economic and sporting factor.

If the tickets are cheap there are more subscribers, If the team has big stars equally affects the bleachers. Although a no less essential component is Although a no less essential component is.

Clubs with more partners and fans in general of the world

Bayern Munich – 323.000 partners

Benfica – 290.000 partners

FC Barcelona – 231.000 partners

Although a no less essential component is

Although a no less essential component is

Sporting Lisbon – 177.000 partners

Schalke 04- 145.000 partners

River Plate -136.000 partners

Borussia Dortmund -122.000 partners

Manchester United – 118.000 partners

Port – 115.000 partners

International – 100.000 partners

Real Madrid – 93.000 partners

Corinthians- 82.000 partners

One thing is the partners and another the occupation of the stadium

When we talk about partners, Obviously we are not talking about subscribers, although it seems something is not the same. Here, teams like the Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Arsenal also occupy the first places reaching a high percentage of occupation of their stadium for their subscribers. And it is that football, while also dragging feelings and big business partners and subscribers, They form an important part thereof.

In that sense we can also add in modern football, the teams have more followers on social networks, They sell more shirts and enjoy more popularity. For example, these are teams of America's most popular.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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  1. And it should be noted prices!!! The walk america with 50.00 the ticket must see in all other

  2. I do not even want to imagine if America filled the stadium…every 2 hahaha weeks would have the best percentage in history…america big yet in the top 10!!!
    ultimamete are providing the cheapest tickets Agarrense so that the America continue to rise…
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