The millionaire and luxurious life of Thomas Gravesen in Las Vegas

The millionaire and luxurious life of Thomas Gravesen in Las Vegas
Thomas Gravesen live like a billionaire in Las Vegas. PHOTO: Capture / Twitter

The new life of Thomas Gravesen in Las Vegas as billionaire. It was one of those rare players who say that all played Real Madrid, aesthetics and footballing. And the Danish was not a stylist ball precisely, Rather the complete opposite. Nicknamed the “Ogre”for their hard aspect, He got to play around a large even though his technique was far from what used to put the white shirt and also, it did at the height of the Galacticos. However as we tell in 2013 , his life changed much after leaving football.

Surely during his time as a player won a lot of money but it became the billionaire who is now kicking a ball but reversing the fortune that won as a player in smart green operations outside. Sources have, that everything was coarse and bizarre on the lawn, It was the opposite out of it.

A successful business career

After retiring in 2009, he went to Las Vegas where he invested in several companies. In fact years ago over five years, there was talk of 100 millions of dollars. Ogre as in a fairy tale, he found his beautiful princess in a Czech model with which it shares its luxurious life of a billionaire in the city of casinos. And it is good that the Danish ogre, he knows how to choose the best online casino and he is a specialist in different games and bonuses like Bitstarz Bonus Code .

An authentic anti football hero just with the topic of player who only knows how to hit a ball that does not have sufficient training and intellect to develop once leaving football. And it's not the first nor the last case because there are other players who after leaving football and even while they were active, They are enterprising and have their business success.

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