The most famous players in history calvos

The most famous players in history calvos
Dertycia was one of the most illustrious bald players. PHOTO:

Who are the most famous bald men in the history of football? Baldness or alopecia is usually a drama for some of the men who suffer from it and to a lesser extent, women. But nevertheless, in the world of football, we found that some of the most famous players of this sport are or have been calvos. Then, we tell you some of the most famous players in history calvos.

The most famous players in history calvos

Zinedine Zidane

The bald divine, the man who led France to win the World Cup 1998 and the end of the of 2006, the man who scored the goal that gave the Champions of the 2002 to Real Madrid in Glasgow. French is possibly one of the best players ever.

Bobby Charlton

One of the best English players ever and one of the most illustrious calvos. In his early years as a footballer of the United, He came to cover her baldness with hair growing on his side of the head leaving as mythic images like this.

most famous bald players in history
Bobby Charlton tried to cover his baldness without much success. PHOTO: Google

Andres Iniesta

The great Spanish player made history that day in July 2010 when your goal, He served to crown Spain as champion of the world for the first time ever in South Africa. In recent years it has been losing hair for another of those great players calvos.

Attilio Lombardo

One of the most visible alopecia heads of football 90 and one of the most charismatic players of that mythical Sampdoria that grazed the European Cup 1992.

Attilio Lombardo, one of the illustrious Bald Calcium.
Attilio Lombardo, one of the illustrious bald men of Calcio.PHOTO: Brand

Gianluca Vialli

Vialli played in such well-known teams such as Juventus, Sampdoria and Chelsea and paced his bald pace of his goals back in the 80 and half the 90. All this despite lush hair look to the beginning of his career.

Ricardo Bochini

The ‘Bocce’ Bochini is one of the best Argentine players in history, the man who made large well independently and as Maradona himself said, teacher. He was also one of those great players with a high forehead.

Alfredo Di Stéfano

Don Alfredo was one of the best not only of his time but of history. One of those different players who changed the sport during his period. Away from the kind of metrosexual footballer today, Don Alfredo wore his baldness at the same class.

Oscar dertycia

Of course, we do not forget one as illustrious as Oscar dertycia, the famous Mr Proper. The Argentine striker went from having manes to losing hair all over his body, for a serious stress problem.

Fabian Barthez

The alopecic goalkeeper world champion in 1998 and Europe in 2000 with France is another of the illustrious bald men. Famous was the ritual of kissing his bald head by his partner Laurent Blanc during the France World Cup 98 how well it went.

Blanc and her famous kiss on Barthez's bald head
Blanc and his famous kiss on Barthez's bald spot at the World Cup in France 98. PHOTO:

Jaap Stam

The Dutch footballer was another of those bald acquaintances who passed through the world of football. Between how peeled he was and his face being colder than 4 igloos in the arctic, Jaap Stam marked the line with his bald head.

Thomas Gravesen

The Ogre is not that he was a virtuoso of football but peculiar and charismatic he was. Calvo, white and without eyebrows, Gravesen left illustrious moments such as ‘Gravensinha’ among others. His life after football was not bad at all and is that Gravesen became a billionaire in Las Vegas.

Other illustrious bald footballers

In Spain, there were other illustrious calvos, a more modest profile, also some of them accompanied by a mustache like Tato Abbey, Fernando Gómez, Carmelo “The Kaiser of the Bay” and some more guy Gaizka Toquero among many others. There are also other high-level hair-hitting players like Arjen Robben O Wesley Sneijder (although later I am part of the footballers who recovered their hair). Bald but shaved type players have not been taken into account Ivan de la Peña.

most famous bald players
Carmelo, the Kaiser of the Bay, one of those bald mustache gamblers of yore. PHOTO: Brand
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