Footballers when they had hair, if not and vice versa

Futbolistas cuando tenían pelo, cuando no y viceversa
Cambiasso already showed signs of being a juvenile alopecia. Photo: Brand

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Footballers are often a reference for fashion especially in what Combed referred. However and although some attempt to disguise, some of them are not spared the dreaded alopecia. We remind some players when they had hair, if not and vice versa.

Footballers when they had hair


Zidane cuando lucía su tupido pelo y su ya conocido look.
Zidane when he is wearing his bushy hair and his well-known look.


Guardiola lucía una frondosa cabellera como jugador. Nada hacía indicar que se quedaría calvo con los años.
Guardiola He sported a luxuriant hair as a player. There was nothing to indicate he would stay bald with age.

Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gómez cuando debutó y unos años después.
Fernando Gomez when it debuted a few years later.

Andres Iniesta

Iniesta cuando tenía pelo y cuando no. Aunque apuntaba maneras claras.
Iniesta when I had hair and when not. While it is aiming clear ways.

Pepe Reina

Aunque parezca mentira, Pepe Reina tuvo pelo.
Even if it looks like a lie, Pepe Reina had hair.


El mítico Stam tuvo pelo alguna vez.
The mythical Stam Hair had ever. What he did not was eyebrows.


Cambiasso también tuvo un cambiazo en cuanto a su pelo se trata.
Cambiasso also had a switcheroo in their hair is.


jugadores cuando tenían pelo
Dertycia came to look mane


futbolistas cuando tenían pelo
Another of those players when they were amazing hair, Fabian Barthez

Football players “they recovered” hair

jugadores que recuperaron el pelo
Oblak starred in another “miracle” and he recovered hair.


recuperaron el pelo
Conte's comeback was epic.


jugadores que recuperaron el pelo
Farinos became Benjamin Button.


futbolistas que recuperaron el pelo
Alfonso Pérez got a goal regaining his toupee.


jugadores que recuperaron el pelo
Diego Lopez with hair and without it.


jugadores que recuperaron su pelo
Wesley Sneijder also recovered her hair.


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