Tips for choosing a good football kit

Consejos para elegir una buena equipación de fútbol
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It has become the king sport in the country and in much of the world, hence it is not only practiced professionally, also amateur. In order to play football in the best conditions, it is essential to know how to choose a good kit, since it is a fundamental part for the players.

As with most sports, in football, good equipment is essential in order to practice the activity with total comfort and safety. The truth is that everyone knows some key elements to play football, Yes OK, there are those who do not know that the footballers' kit, plays a leading role.

The clothing is the formal equipment that each player must use on the field, knowing that it must comply with aesthetic and brand canons, among other things. It is always convenient to look for quality clothing that offers all the guarantees, hence it is recommended to go to specialized sports stores to acquire this type of item.

In this sense, one of the best sports firms in the country, sin duda, es TENTH. It is a chain of establishments with many years of experience in the sector, dedicated exclusively to the sale of sportswear, as well as accessories and other accessories. Currently, has more than 300 stores in Spain and other European countries. Work with the best brands in the sector, such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Joma o New Balance, among other, to which its own brand is added, Tenth.

The best equipment to play football

As already mentioned, las Football equipment play a leading role for the players, knowing that they must be comfortable, resistant and safe, without forgetting that they have an attractive design. In the case of wanting to dress perfectly to hit the ball, These are the elements that can never be missing to jump into the field.


It is the identifying element of each team, taking into account that the normal thing is that they are made of polyester and there may be models to play and to train. It is very important to have the official club shirt, since if in a match a player does not have the regulation shirt, you cannot dispute it by regulation


Soccer is played with shorts, to give greater comfort and mobility to footballers. In this case, the most used material for its manufacture is synthetic, so that sweat does not accumulate and perspire well the garment. The only players who are allowed to play with long pants are the goalkeepers. Nowadays, there are many players who, in addition to the shorts, put on thermal pants or protective tights underneath, knowing that they are totally allowed as long as they are the same color as the official pants.


In this case, they must be tall, since it is mandatory that they cover the calf and the tibial area. Por supuesto, to be able to play, both socks must be the same and made of natural and synthetic materials.

Shin pads

These are fundamental elements both in training and in matches, being also totally obligatory. Shin guards must fit snugly to the area and always be covered by socks. It is a protection element, so it must be sturdy, but at the same time flexible and adaptable to the leg. Currently, are made from innovative materials, always looking for strength and lightness.


By last, boots could not be missing in a good soccer kit, knowing that there is a specific shoe for this sport practice. It has to be said that, depending on the surface on which it is played, so you can choose between different models, You must choose the one that best suits each case.. Usually, They are resistant and adaptable shoes to the foot, with a good protection system and with striking and innovative designs.

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