World champion mogul Kebabs

De campeón del mundo a magnate de los kebabs
Lukas Podolski has embarked on the adventure of kebab restaurants. Foto:

Last update 8 January, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

Footballers often looking toward their future route in the last years of his career where they are going to guide your steps when you leave football. We have seen cases of the most colorful, the last that of a champion of the world as Lukas Podolski who has opened a kebab restaurant in Cologne, Germany.

El jugador, currently wears T-ShirtVissel Kobe japonés, He opened a restaurant whose signature dish is the kebab, in Cologne, the city where he grew up. In Cologne he lived his early years and was unveiled and began his jump to the first soccer level.

At the opening of its new premises, Lukas Podolski got inside the bar, served some kebabs and photographed by the media they gathered there. Everything got a world champion mogul kebabs.

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