Luis Delgado tattoo, a touching story

Luis Delgado tattoo, a touching story
Tattoo touching Luis Delgado. PHOTO: Instagram

It was the picture of the day on social networks and comes from Colombia. Goalkeeper Atletico Bucaramanga He posted a picture of his latest tattoo, something coming from a player would be nothing exceptional if it were not for their meaning and form. Colombian goalkeeper club tattooed a picture that your child Mathias He gave after a terrible event, the death of his wife.

His wife, Tatiana Garcia, She died of breast cancer in June 2018 and just coinciding with the day of the fight against this terrible disease, Delgado decided to get tattooed skin a drawing made him their offspring after the loss of her partner. In it you can read “Father, I know that's hard for you to be without my mom, but I will always be with you. I love you dad. You do many things for me and I for you” accompanied by a drawing. A story that the less, excites.

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Follow @erwingtattoo THANKS FOR MY TATTOO. The history of drawing Mathias is a day we arrived at night to the apartment after a pretty hectic day with different things and did not have time to check out their tasks not until that time 10:00pm reviewing his notebooks we find several earrings him so much that I had to tell her to sleep because I had to wake up early, I went to bed at 12:40 night and when I get to bed I have a letter that says: "Dad I know it's hard for you you're not my mom, but I will always be with you. I Love You Dad you do many things for me and I for you ". I spent all automatically and recharge happiness and tenderness was automatic. Especially his beautiful Mami @tatianagrd our 👼

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