tragedy confirmed, rescue the body of Emiliano Sala sea

tragedy confirmed, rescue the body of Emiliano Sala sea
the news of the death of Emiliano Sala confirmed. PHOTO: News Cali, Valle and Colombia

Not longer expected less tragedy. The body found to 63 meters deep inside the downed aircraft is to Emiliano Sala. Dorset Police has confirmed that Argentine footballer died 21 of January of 2019 when the plane where traveling, It crashed on the English Channel. 

“The body brought to the port of Portland, Thursday7 February 2019, It has been formally identified by HM Coronor as professional footballerEmily Hall“, He reads the statement issued by the authorities in the area.

Dan closed the search and rescue operation despite the pilot's body has not appeared

Office British Air Accident Investigation also reported that the rescue had come to an end. “The rescue operation is closed. The weather forecast for the near future are bad, It is making the difficult decision to be taken by closed operation”, They said despite not having found the pilot's body, David Ibbotson, It has not yet been found.

The football world turns after confirming the death of Emiliano Sala

Although everything was apparently the fatal outcome, The news has shocked the football world. Many are the players and especially colleagues who have left their messages on social networks. the Cardiff, club room where he was to begin his career in the Premier, he soon confirmed the tragic news. “We offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Emiliano. He and David will remain in our thoughts forever“, Welsh company reported.



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