Ricardo Bochini, Maradona's teacher

Ricardo Bochini, Maradona's teacher
Ricardo Bochini, one of the best players in the history of Argentina. PHOTO: Capture / YouTube

Ricardo Bochini is one of the best players that has given Argentina, at least the most talented. The “boules” as it was called, He was a contemporary of Diego Armando Maradona, they even won the World Mexico 1986 together, in the same selection. Everyone remembers Maradona. The “fluff” he established himself as one of the greatest but he always said that he, that Bochini, It was the largest, his teacher.

In this article we want to remind this crack that in Europe perhaps it is not known but that in South America, especially in Argentina, It is an idol of masses. And is that who saw playing “boules”, He says it was a show, a player who is worth loving this sport.

Ricardo Bochini, a lifetime dedicated to Independent

Bochini He was born 25 of January of 1954 in Zárate, Argentina. He played his entire career at Independiente, specifically from 1972 a 1991, year in which he retired due to injury. It was a playmaker, a down payment as there call these players, tiny, technical, elegant and goal. Of your hand, Independent, achieved major milestones in its history.

With Ricardo Bochini, ten to back by, The Argentine team won the Copa Libertadores four times, Intercontinental Cup twice, three Copa Interamericana and several national championships. Almost nothing. Like we have already said, He played his entire career at Independiente, namely a total of 638 matches, 714 counting international competitions, He is the player who more times has dressed her shirt. He is also the second player with the most matches in Argentine soccer after Loco Gatti.

The Bochini-Bertoni duo, legendary in Independent

In the Argentine box, they still remember the pair that he and Daniel Bertoni, and almost won the championship dramatically 25 of January of 1978. Argentine fans Veterans remember a game that made history and exalted to “boules” to the top. Independiente and Talleres de Córdoba played the championship in an Argentina that lived under the dictatorship of Videla.

Ricardo Bochini
Bochini collected titles with Independiente. PHOTO: Clarion

According to the chronicles, the governor of Córdoba, General Luciano Benjamin was one of the strong men of Videla and they say was very interested in Talleres won the championship, because it was good for his province. according count, the referees were pressured by the military who allegedly came to threaten to blow their whistles trencillas for the team of Cordoba.

Right and this is reality, It is that Independiente finished the game with eight players after three expulsions for protesting a goal with his hand, which he made the feat of equipment and Ricardo Bochini, with the collaboration of Bertoni, out of epic character, almost football-tinged romantic.

Imagine, match with the title at stake, minute 38 the second part and win Talleres de Córdoba by two goals to one, the first leg in Avellaneda had finished with tie to a goal. To make matters worse, Bocha equipment, It is eight players on the field, all it seems lost, the championship will. In football as in life, everything can change in a second and that's what happened in those last minutes of the game.

It was so great and impressive that we transcribe the story told by the same protagonist:

“To the 38 minutes, Pagnanini left me the ball in the middle of the field. Gambeteé a uno, he played it to Bertoni, Bertoni if ​​the god Biondi, He came out Guibaudo, the keeper of them, and Biondi made a long dribble for himself, raised head, He saw me and threw me. I came to the race and, as they were two players covering the arc, I hit him up high. He went there just, just under the crossbar”.

so he recounted Ricardo Bochini the equalizer, the goal that gave the title to the red box as the away goals were worth double, the most celebrated and shouted goal of his career, his toughest title and speak of a winning player repeatedly Intercontinental, Libertadores and even a World. Precisely the latter, She helped him to take off a little thorn that had stuck with the selection.

The World Cup in Mexico 1986, an award for his career

Despite being one of the best players in the history of Argentina, He not managed to consolidate on Albiceleste. Menotti summoned him for previous matches at World Cup 1978 but it was decided by another player and did not lead to “boules” the team that won the World Cup in their own country, in a very controversial World.

It also came at 1982 in Spain, despite being in one of the sweetest moments of his career. Finally, as it stated, He came to that 1986 in Mexico by express request Maradona, who never hid that Ricardo Bochini he was one of his idols. Definitely a good reference level eternal 10 Independent.

Ricardo Bochini World Champion proclaimed Mexico 1986 with Argentina and even shared a few minutes with Maradona in the match against Belgium. Upon entering the field, the “fluff” he received as follows: “pass master, we were hoping”. Amen.

Alberto Llopis

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  4. Hi.. Goodnight.. I have a question.. The watermark on the photo says the bowl is on the bike with maradona?
    Thank you

  5. when I step change in the world of 86 maradonna greeted him with these words : Congratulations teacher

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