The fans of Valencia, How best to the worst in Spain?

The fans of Valencia, How best to the worst in Spain?

Says a song of the beloved musical group Presuntos Implicados “as we have changed, that far has been…”. maybe, without knowing that letter referring to a history of heartbreak it is now perfectly valid for one of the best interests of Spain throughout the history of the League, the Valencia.

Demanding, but faithful like few others and to death with his team in good times and bad, Valencia fans always deserved the respect of world football with their continued support in Mestalla and away from it to your computer. Game after game, season after season, rare day or night where the Valencia venue was not packed to witness the visit of the best, or not so best teams in Spain and Europe. An upward club had been done with effort on the mat with the honorific title “third best team in Spain” It was the delight of a crowd that accumulated long waiting lists to become a subscriber club.

emblematic players, titles quite often (there is the Copa del Rey 99, The two leagues Benitez, the two ends of Champions, European Super Cup, UEFA Cup) encandilar they getting some followers who had long ago gone bad sporting moments as relegation to Second Division, but still they had nevertheless continued to encourage more vigor to his players (remember that in 1986 the number of partners increased by Second).

The fans of Valencia was next to Atletico the best of Spain.
The fans of Valencia was next to Atletico the best of Spain.

But nevertheless, Spanish proverb says that any past was better and surely in Mestalla can give witness to this. That audience cheering, Today chides the players of its workforce (True, a few do not represent a majority), It is more demanding than ever with his (pinches, pañoladas as experienced with Real Sociedad last year) and above all, and worse, begins to leave and turn his back on everything that refers to a club that is no longer the third in Spain, but the fourth, fifth the sixth.

The figures for the number of subscribers and attendance at Mestalla beyond question. Last year went to the stadium 722.253 followers in 19 league matches at home, an average of 38.013 spectators per match, becoming the fourth team in Spain with more people in their enclosure. A figure far removed from 894.000 spectators were in season 2003-04 (47.058 middle) o los 786.000 of the 2007-08 (41.368 middle), years where Valencia was the third set of Spain in stadium attendance partly because it was able to draw attention to a 10.000 more people per game.

Of course, There is a lot of crisis and, but also a waste club without great figures and aimless, which it makes walking down a road to nowhere where the goal is not even clear. maybe, this whole conglomeration is the explanation for a hobby that frays at top despite increasingly frequent cuts in fertilizers and propaganda messages where you hear every public once dropped by Mestalla marches. And there are times that money is not everything. Especially, if by, there is an illusion. That today has no Valencia.

Mestalla to the flag. They were different times.
Mestalla to the flag. They were different times.

Attendance at Mestalla:

Season 2012-13: 722.000 viewers (half of 38.013)

Season 2011-12: 739.493 viewers (half of 38.921)

Season 2010-11: 764.300 viewers (half of 40.226)

Season 2009-10: 780.100 viewers (half of 41.058)


Season 2007-08: 786.000 viewers (half of 41.368)

Season 2003-04: 894.000 viewers (half of 47.058)

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