Best Canary Soccer Players in History

Best Canary Soccer Players in History
David Silva is one of the best Canarian players in history. PHOTO:

choose to the best canarian players in history It has not been easy since it is an area that has contributed a lot of talent to Spanish football over the decades.

The Canary Islands They constitute a paradisiacal place in the middle of Europe. situated 95 African continent kilometers and more than 900 kilometers from the Iberian Peninsula, its temperate climate, its beaches and its people have made this a favorite for millions of people every year to holiday destinations. But nevertheless, Canary is not only tourism, It is also good football and.

Ability, quality, regattas, genius, game viewing are some of the features that tend to vest the best players ever canaries. Let's take a look at some of the best.

The best Canarian players in history

David Silva: World Champion, European champion and thinking brain of the triumphant Spain. The Arguineguín is a technical player like few with a remarkable arrival facing opposite door. canario most capped player, possibly, Be the player with the most class have given the Canary. He played World of South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 Y Russia 2018 with Spain. Also the Eurocups of 2012 Y 2016.

Juan Carlos Valeron: the best of the best and the best, the higher. Juan Carlos has possessed an innate talent, an amazing ability to control dribbling and final pass. An enviable partner with a gift for attending and create game. Pure art with two weak points: lack of scoring and serious injuries. Yet despite this, We're talking about a player who did not play soccer, but nothing closer to art.

Pedro Rodriguez: polyvalence, speed, defensive capabilities, permanent incordio. plus goal. He is the only canary who has the privilege of having scored in all existing competitions at club level. As David Silva, world and european champion.

best canarian players in history
Pedrito is one of the best footballers that the Canary Islands have produced. PHOTO:

Pier Who does not remember that player able to give a good scare any defense in the years 90. Although he born in Rome, Pier grew footballing staff in the Canary Islands and therefore, It should be considered as such. He was international reference player and multiple teams that passed, especially in the great principles of Tenerife 90.

Thonon: Flagship of Las Palmas in the late 60 and early 70, Tonono was always ready to do battle. Only he missed four games in eleven seasons as yellow and defensive solidity and forcefulness led him to be twice named best defender in the league. To the 31 years died of a viral infection leaving the question of how far would come.

Luis Molowni: eleven years in the Real Madrid of Di Stefano and company earned him the esteem of the stands of the Santiago Bernabeu. Molowni coach after winning the UEFA made, League and Cup twice. He lacked the European Cup, but it had already won as a player, It is the first canary in getting.

angel Arocha. The Civil War took as many thousands of Spaniards. But before he left Barcelona with incredible records, his great love. And it came to mark 214 goals in 207 games played culé. He won a League and Cup, but above all he left a mark that still remembered.

Miguel González: Globetrotter football over 21 seasons backs as elite player, It was at Atletico Madrid where he spent his best moments. He became fifteen times by Spain and its 86 years, He is one of the survivors who can still attest to how that pass to the World Switzerland 54.

Guayre. Speed, uncheck and impudence. No became everything it promised but still left us details of unquestionable quality that will be remembered for a long time.

Jonathan Viera. Icon in the UD Las Palmas, Viera is a footballer with undeniable quality and vision of the game. Leader of the Canarian squad in various stages, It has distilled its quality in other teams such as Valencia and Rayo and in Chinese football. He was an absolute international with Spain.

best canarian players in history
Jonathan Viera, leader of UD Las Palmas. PHOTO:
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  1. The best Canarian player in history is Pedro Eliezer Rodríguez Ledesma, provided this list has been made objectively. This player has the best palmares and the only thing that supports you in football are the titles.

  2. Pier which is among the top ten sounds like a joke and chiste.Faltan Juan Guedes, Germán Devora, The best no doubt,Alfonso Silva, and Rafael Mujica least.

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