Barcelona, Real Madrid and the impossible task of not receiving the corresponding mannitol

Barcelona, Real Madrid and the impossible task of not receiving the corresponding mannitol

That large dominate the league with an iron fist anyone is slipping in recent years. Except athletic victory last year or the promising start of Valencia and Sevilla in these early stages of the season, Madrid and Barcelona seem to play a championship and apart 18 more sets another.

One of the most remarkable things that confirm the fact is the tremendous goalscoring superiority of both transatlantic Spanish football. So much so, if we take as a basis the 2010, we see in the last four years, the Barcelona, For example, He has endorsed a hand in at least one game 15 First sets in national competitions, either League or Cup.

Sevilla, Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, Athletic or Real Madrid have not escaped the five goals when measured at culés sometime this four-year period. Striking is the case of Almería who came to fit eight goals at home.

Eight goals scored by Barcelona:

Almeria (2010) -five got him into 2011-

Something similar happened to Rayo Vallecano and Levante, that although they did not reach eight stayed in seven once and some other more time in five or six goals. Barcelona goalscoring ability is so overwhelming that Getafe completes the group of four teams that fit six or more goals.

Seven goals scored:

Levante (2013) Three times he scored five in the last four years-

Vallecano Ray (2012)- also he endorsed him six five goals in this period-

Six goals scored:

Getafe (2013) That same year he also got five-

The Barcelona, he also scored five or more goals three teams demoted this course (health, Betis and Valladolid), It has just stopped not reach these figures to four teams: el Éibar, el Elche, Celta and Málaga, the first three with the extenuating circumstance that have been teams that have risen recently. The latter if the fit in 2009, however period, here and therefore not analyzed, do not understand.

Five goals scored:

Real Madrid (2010)

Valencia (2011)

Athletic de Bilbao (2012)

Atlético de Madrid (2011)

Deportivo de la Coruña (2012)

Espanyol (2010)

Granada (2012)

Real society (2012)

Villarreal (2011)

Córdoba (2013)

Real Madrid and Barcelona have marked him 15 First a hand equipment in recent 4 years.
Real Madrid and Barcelona have marked him 15 First a hand equipment in recent 4 years.

The real Madrid, another goal machine:

While we talk about Barcelona, The information could be extrapolated to Real Madrid. White box has gotten him a hand or more in a match of the last four to 15 equipment. Three paintings took eight goals and two seven goals.

eight goals:

Deportivo (2014) -also received six five-

Almeria (2011)- He also received five in this period-

Levante (2010)- He also received five-

seven goals:

Málaga (2011) -also received six-

Sevilla (2013) -also received six goals twice-

Daba igual el rival, when Cristiano Ronaldo and company got underway there was no way to stop them. Only four teams had not the consolation of seeing the little hand on his marker, Barcelona, Atlético, Getafe and again, Celta, team with the cited extenuating having climbed a couple of seasons.

Curiously, during this time, Barcelona never received such a punishment and Real Madrid only when the blaugrana faced. Ellos, as shown, the data, play another championship.

six goals:

Vallecano Ray (2011) -also received five-

Valencia (2011) -also received five-

Villarreal (2010)

five goals:

Athletic de Bilbao (three times conceded one 5-1)

Espanyol (2012)

Elche (2014)

Granada (2012)

Real society (dos veces)

They did not get to five before:

Celta, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Getafe,

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