Reasons why the miracle of Leicester can not be given in Spain

Reasons why the miracle of Leicester can not be given in Spain
Leicester City performed a miracle by winning the Premier League 2015/16.

What the Leicester City is the miracle of modern football in the XXI century. A team considered modest, a far cry from the big English teams budget has achieved a historic machada. A fact not lost on anyone and that makes the football fan in general is a bit of Leicester and Premier achieved rejoice. However, this machada seems impossible in Spain Why? We give some reasons.

Leicester despite being one of the modest Premier outperforms almost all teams in the league in budget. Although many are filled mouth saying that the Spanish league is the best in the world the truth is that the cake is the split between very few. For example Leicester, modesty in the Premier, It would be one of the highest budget League. Con 62 million would be surpassed only by Real Madrid, Atlético, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla. Something that draws attention as the more modest budget League as Rayo Vallecano and Eibar, They are the means to manage in the English Second.

Television deals in Spain are so highly unequal that it is almost a pipe dream for many teams in mid-table finish. While in England television rights are succulent and are distributed relatively equitably, in Spain they eat the cake between two (Real Madrid y Barcelona), large eat leftovers the other teams like Atletico, el Sevilla, Valencia or Villarreal while the rest will have to settle with the crumbs give. What it makes it difficult for a modest assails the lead.

Real Madrid and Barcelona monopolize almost 100 % media. they lose, They do them and when they win as well, the opponent seems never plays. Spanish media throw hours and hours talking about any unimportant nonsense about the stars of these players while ignoring and obviates virtually all other teams in the league. A machada as the Leicester seems certainly very very very far in Spain.

Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football fully. Attempt to gather letters and tell stories in Specialist retro football Current. Football Coach Level II. You can follow me on @AlbertiniLlopis @colgadosfutbol
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