When a feat of a football team can make you a millionaire

When a feat of a football team can make you a millionaire

Recently we attended the sporting miracle, more specifically football, XXI century. Leicester's victory in the Premier, He did run many articles about the exceptional feat of Claudio Ranieri's men who against all odds champions in England over much more powerful computers were proclaimed in the economic field. No one in all the islands expected something.

No less sounded was that of history fan who bet on Leicester's victory last summer and the house shook relevant bets. The known yet anonymous fan, He bets nothing less than 50 pounds last summer to modest Leicester City won the Premier. Como se pueden imaginar, the probability that a team that last season had saved the descent miracle, won the Premier, It was so low that bookmakers paid to 5000 pounds per pound played the victory of Ranieri's.

Let's throw accounts, but it went a lot to solve the lives of more than one at least for a few decades. Moreover if we turn it into euros. Such was the thing and given the high probability that foxies won the tournament with the passing of the days that the bookmaker decided, offer the intrepid bettor the not inconsiderable sum of 93.000 pounds, an amount that was not bad and that the protagonist of such a gamble accepted. The thing it was not bad at all, 93.000 libras por 50.

Getting the miracle is not easy, And it's not something that happens every day, but if you know move in the world of sports betting and houses you know the tricks that work best for betting, sure you do very well. And for that the comparator new web apuestas-deportivas.com created this infographic where we show at a glance the 7 Key points to bet and win:


For the lucky fan of Leicester, miraculously it happened, Leicester won the Premier and award 323.000 pounds did not stop his hands and applied the bettor that of a bird in the hand than a hundred flying. The difference of what was what might have been is enough for more than one might pull your hair out for a while. Although apparently seen, Few won so much money with so little risky. And it is that in football exploits occur. They are becoming less common, especially in the XXI century. The there have been all types throughout history and as we tell you not long ago in this article, happen. Who knows if the next will make you a millionaire. Everything is a matter of taking risks and going against the most obvious odds but with a head to know where to look and encontrar the best betting odds and be well informed to have more opportunities to win.


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