5 sports bets that changed the lives of its winners

5 apuestas deportivas que cambiaron la vida a sus acertantes
Leicester City's victory in the Premier 2015-16 led to one of the largest sports betting winnings in history. PHOTO: Sopitas.com

Last update 24 August, 2020 by Alberto Llopis

We reveal breathtaking success stories related to sports betting, with incredible achievements and bizarre combinations that were a turning point

Invest a low amount, have fun watching sports and reap a fortune. That is the dream of every betting house user, as luckia, but reality tends to prevail and make that goal almost utopian. However, there are cases that show that it is possible and that extensive knowledge and cold blood, coupled with a good dose of fortune, can lead to a historic win in sports betting.

There are more and more followers of a sector in a clear upward trend and that has managed to attract people of very diverse profiles, eager to try their luck and give an extra thrill when watching a game. A) Yes, sporadic bettors often follow the formula of investing small amounts in multi-item combo bets, whose total profit is high, tal y como indica 20minutes. Fruit of this way of acting, in recent times there have been some incredible episodes that have caused a collective shock and changed the lives of their winners. Repasamos algunas de ellas:

One of the most paradigmatic cases takes us to August 2015, when a Leicester fan got carried away by love for his club and bet 50 pounds (some 54 euros) that his team would be champion of the Premier League. Something unimaginable came true when, in the absence of a few days, the group led by Ranieri was leading. This fan decided to close the bet with a win of 80.000 euros, after the odds you bet were 1 a 5.000. It is not a usual case, since long-term bets are not easy to fulfill, but that year Leicester gave one of the great bells in football history.

Another curious case in this regard was that of a Liverpool fan who, at the start of the season 2005/06, decided to find a bizarre bet in which he could succeed, and found her with an individual protagonist: Xabi Alonso. Well known to all, the ability of the Spanish to make long movements and hit the ball with total precision, so this Reds fan felt he could bet he would score a goal from his own field at some point during the season, at a fee of 1 a 125. Bet 200 pounds, and his profit amounted to 25.000 pounds, that in euros are around 27.000.

Moving on to combination bets, well known to all is the case of the Vázquez brothers, of Chantada (Lugo). The feeling of the earth threw them both a lot and in a combined 8 parties, included a draw for Deportivo de la Coruña at the Camp Nou. They got all the predictions right and after investing 10 euros, they won 2.000. This is a paradigmatic example of what many look for every weekend with football matches, further promoting emotion on many fronts.

Although as far as combined is concerned, mention should be made of the one performed by a Jamaican man in UEFA Champions League matches, when he invested 1.000 euros and included the victory of AS Roma against FC Barcelona by mistake. Once he realized he wanted to modify it, but the epic comeback of the Italians gave him the option to win 42.000 euros, tal y como señala Brand, who did a special coverage of the case. By last, a soccer-loving Spanish mechanic made a combine in which 11 euros became 16.236, in what was a very media achievement and shows that, sometimes, dreams come true.

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