Chilean football classics; matches with high temperature

Chilean football classics; matches with high temperature
Chilean classics are always high temperature matches. PHOTO:

Chilean soccer returns this weekend. The ball will start to roll after a long break. Colo-Colo and Santiago Wanderers will open the day 8 from the Chilean league, a day that holds great meetings. With the return of football, It is very appropriate to talk about the classics of Chilean football.

The classics are those games that transcend football to touch the cultural and emotional of millions of people. These matches are of utmost importance for players and fans. That is why it is common for everyone to mark in red the dates on which they are going to play these duels. Yes now, Let's see which are the most important classics of the Chilean league.

The superclassic of Chilean soccer

This is the most important classic in the country, and is that, in this the two most popular teams from all over Chile face. We speak, Without a doubt, of Colo-Colo and University of Chile. The first official duel between these two dates from 7 August 1938.

The rivalry was born in the decade of the 50, at the end of it, a championship definition would be disputed between the two. The victory at that time accompanied the U who won by 2-1. But nevertheless, the team that dominates the victory record is the Cacique.

This rivalry makes the days of the superclassic the Chileans crowd the bookmakers to place your forecasts.

The University Classic

After the superclassic, we could say that this is the most viewed in Chile. This classic faces the Catholic University and the University of Chile. It is a game with great tradition in the field of Chilean football and is one of the oldest between two universities.

The first precedent of confrontation of the two universities is from 1909. That year the 1 November the faces selected from both universities would face each other. However, Was in the year 1937 when the one that is considered by most as the first university classic takes place.

In the history the U has kept the majority of the victories in more than 200 matches.

The Classic Albo-Cruzado

There is no doubt that throughout the history of Chilean football there have been three great teams. These are part of the most followed classics in the country, and in this case the Colo-Colo and the Catholic University could not stop being one of them.

The albos and the crusaders have a great history behind them and great matches played. The 20 May 39 it would be the first duel between these two great. On that occasion the duel opted in favor of the albos by 3-2.

Both teams have met 3 times to define the league champion. Each game has been vibrant and Colo-Colo has prevailed in 2 of the 3 occasions. Even when no one thought they could win it, and everyone bet their bonus for sports betting in favor of the crusaders.

That happened in the year 2002, one of the most difficult that Colo-Colo had to face. These three are the most outstanding classics of Chilean football, but there are others that also have their importance.

Other featured classics

The history of football has shown us that rivalries can arise anywhere. That's what generates the classics, and chili there are a lot, among which we can name the following:

  • Classic Porteño

  • Classic of the Colonies

  • Classic of the Coquimbo Region

  • Classic Penquista

  • Metropolitan Classic

The variety of classics in a league shows how their fans live football and Chileans show the passion they feel for their teams.

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