Who will win the League?

¿Quién ganará la Liga?

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The Spanish League after several years being a matter of two and practically one, decided between three teams. Unequal to the max, especially in recent years, it is the most balanced at the moment along with the Premier League. With leagues like the Bundesliga or Serie A decided, the end of the Spanish championship is presented the less exciting. Atlético de Madrid, Barça and Real Madrid play the season in a month and a half both in the League and in the Champions League. Who will win the League?.

Atlético de Madrid: Simeone's team continues to lead the classification despite the fact that many predicted the crash of the Cholo team. Cholo's team plays as one. A block where no cracks can be seen. The mattresses have a very regular line, which allows them not only to continue in the gap, but also to reach the end with many possibilities.. The only mole that can be seen is the short template and the accumulation of minutes of its starters. Eye to the last league game: Barça-Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona y Atlético de Madrid se la jugarán en el último partido de Liga.
Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid will play it in the last League match.

Barcelona: the Catalan team has been dominating the Spanish tournament in recent years except for the League that Mourinho won in 2012, the only one in his stage as Real Madrid coach. In a season with certain light and dark, before the Bernabéu game he seemed dead. The victory in the classic not only put them back in the fight but also gave a boost to a team marked by the loss of players as important as Valdés or Puyol. The FIFA sanction, a very short squad and the demands of the end of the season can seriously weigh against them. Not far from the level of yesteryear.

Real Madrid: Real Madrid had the League in their pocket. The day of the classic in the Bernabéu could have put 7 difference points to Barça. In three days and after two defeats in a row (Barcelona and Seville), Ancelotti's team went from leading the table to being the pursuer of Atlético and Barcelona. Three days that practically cost him a championship that he had in his pocket. Even so, continues with his options although logic says that he is the one with the least chance of the three. Ronaldo's craving, a very connected Bale and the last league game where Barcelona and Atlético will face each other can give him life. However, the real possibility of winning the tenth European Cup and how complicated the League can be if the first two continue to win can help the white team leave the League somewhat aside.

El Real Madrid pasó de tener la Liga en sus manos a tenerla muy complicada en sólo tres días.
Real Madrid went from having the League in their hands to having it very complicated in just three days.

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