The league, the sixth largest investor in league signings

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That in Spain there is not much money, that is more than clear. The BBVA League with an expense of 132 million euros has become the sixth European league in the ranking of spending on transfers, having been surpassed by the German league, the Bundesliga, with an expense of 241 millions, the french league (the league 1) with an expense of 225 million and the Russian league (Premier League) with an expense of 223 millions.
During recent seasons, the Spanish league had always occupied third place in the spending ranking after the Premier League and the Italian Serie A.. This year's spending drop, in almost a 70%, has meant that the BBVA League has been surpassed by leagues with less football potential such as the French or Russian ones, which have teams led by tycoons with great purchasing power..
Last season the Spanish First Division teams spent a total of 384 millions. The most expensive signings of the summer have been those of Alba (14 millions) y Song (19 millions) paid by Barça and Modric (35 millions more 5 in variables) for Real Madrid. These two transactions represent, con 75 millions, more than half of the spending on transfers in the Liga BBVA this year (exactly the 56,8%).
FC Barcelona and Real Madrid 'only’ have spent 33 y 42 million respectively (assuming that the white club makes the variables effective for Modric). Teams like Atlético de Madrid, that every summer he made a large outlay, this year 'only’ has invested a million euros and Valencia has spent 23. Gone are the summers in which the whites, by Florentino Pérez, They wasted millions to bring in the best players, as happened in the summer of 2009 on which he spent himself 258 millions.


Hulk's signings (60 millions) y Witsel (40) for Zenit, Javi Matinez (40) and Mandzukic (13) for Bayern Munich and the 'mega’ PSG investment for the transfers of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva (in between 70 y 80) , Laundry (26), Van der Wiel (6) and the 40 million that will be paid for Lucas Moura in January 2013 have significantly increased spending on transfers in their respective leagues.

The Premier is once again the European league in which the most money has been invested to recruit players. This year the English clubs have spent 623 millions of euros, the lowest figure in the last three years. Chelsea, with a disbursement of 100 millions (among them Hazard, 45 million and Oscar, 31) It has been the team that has spent the most to reinforce its squad despite being the current champion of the Champions League. The two Manchester teams have invested more or less the same money, some 64 millions, one million less than Tottenham, which has been able to spend heavily on the transfers of Modric or Van der Vaart.
In the Italian Serie A, second league in which the most spending has been generated, Juventus Turin (45,95) occupies first place this summer in spending ahead of Inter (44,5), Roma (34,2),Milan (23,5) and Naples (22,5) -fuente -. Although the most expensive transfer was that of Pazzini to Milan for 12.5 million, the Italian league has maintained its second position in the ranking.
The crisis seems to, finally, It has also reached Spanish football.

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