Is it more exciting League Cup the?

Is it more exciting League Cup the?

King Cup and knows the way to tour the 32 teams still alive. For the first time in history, the RFEF decided to follow the path of other sports and the image and likeness of, For example, the tennis, He designed the box the last four qualifiers. The most remarkable thing is that the first round ( where they enter the great) It will be held at the weekend in a nod to the FA Cup, removing the League role. They will play against powerful as ever modest (there is the Olimpic Xativa- Real Madrid and Barcelona among others Cartagena), but what is most striking is to serve as an appetizer to the series of round, which boasts high-flying.

Because in the round of 16 best could be clashes Athletic-Valencia, or Real Madrid-Málaga, teams all with something to say in the tournament staff and budgets. And not to mention the semifinals, where Atletico and Madrid could revive the end of last year and Barcelona and Seville European final in the not too distant.

The draw for Copa distributed different fate among the great.
The draw for Copa distributed different fate among the great.

Of course, the debate raises is whether the competition is really the King Cup more appealing to the League, at the least for the viewer. Although their achievement still without giving Champions Square, what is clear is that a sporting level it seems that the options expand win big, opening the competition to a larger range of sets. Seen the draw, it is clear that Barcelona is the favorite, it prevents by his side Real Madrid and Atletico, among other strong teams, as it may also be the Valencia and Athletic. Only Real Sociedad and Sevilla can boast by her side ever to have won the Cup and they do not seem today to be able to fight on par with Barcelona, except bad day for the Catalans.

But, precisamente, a bad day or an elusive luck is what gives grandeur Cup. Which it makes dreams still remain possible. It is clear that the format over two legs reduces the chances of modest, but still, parties face dog always mean more pressure for large sets a mere formality liguero. In that sense, Cup brings an emotion that the league has lost in recent years.

Sunny forecasts:

Champion: Barcelona

Subcampeón: Atlético

Semifinals: Real Madrid and Sevilla

Quarter finals: Villarreal, Athletic, Espanyol and Levante

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