cholismo, A religion

El Cholismo, una religión

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Cholo Simeone who is an idol for colchoneros he does not miss anyone. With the automatic classification of Atletico Madrid as group winners for the knockout stages of the Champions League, today from Colgados, we analyze more deeply a feeling, A belief, a state and an ideology. With you the “Cholismo”.

Diego Pablo Simeone rojiblanco has the heart for many years. On the lawn leaving the skin in every game, friendly or end alike. Now the bench, throat and left is a sight to see direct his team from the band. We draw much attention, the meaning of the word "cholo" in sociological connotation of the word referring to groups. Express idiosyncrasy or states of collective spirit, more than roles or individual patterns within a social structure. Definition that comes in handy to rojiblancos and technical staff.

El cholo Simeone vivía los partidos y la camiseta atlética como nadie.
Cholo Simeone lived parties and athletic shirt like nobody.

It is very striking to see how 11 "Simeons" run and fight in the same direction. We can see how the mattress team is an extension of the attitude and behavior of what was his coach on the lawn. always to 200%, He is fighting for every ball as if it were the last, near the limit of the regulations on every play and an enviable physical display during 90 minutes of every game.

The second board is the Mono Burgos, always helping his colleague in the preparation of each party. The eccentric ex-goalkeeper is beside the cholo in every decision and no bites his tongue if you need to express your opinion. All they are rowing in the same direction and each helps your way, their knowledge and their particularities. Defensively speaking, control like no collective positioning and balance, making them a difficult team to beat. By all it knows that the two perfectly dominate the set pieces and strategy. There are many important goals we've seen lately on plays of this type.

Cholo Simeone y Mono Burgos forman un gran equipo.
Cholo Simeone and Mono Burgos make a great team.

In each heating or training, look like Professor Ortega is the authority on everything related to the physical issue. He is responsible for maintaining always the players as possible. The circle of trust men as they close Vizcaino, Pitillas, Arevalo or Vazquez. Under the viewpoint of experts, what really makes it unique is the motivation to Cholo, attitude and positivism, great wealth values ​​implanted in his players. Each and every one of the staff members, You come to believe is the best in the world, not to mention the best. Squeezing and each absorbs all its virtues and qualities, football-wise speaking, and this is reflected in the field.

Amazing is the fact that Simeone is not on the list drawn up by FIFA of the best coaches. His name should not only appear, it could even be the favorite for this award. Since his arrival at Atletico, a couple of seasons has earned titles such as UEFA Europe League, Cup and European Super Cup. It has become a team either in a group of winners, in elite players and some to the level of world cracks, as the case of Diego Costa. What else needs to do to be among the elect?

On a personal level, I dare say that the Cholo is divine, which it is the leader of a sect footballing currently close to perfection. Arguably the form team in the world right now with Roma Rudi Garcia, arguably the best team in the world in recent months. That's why, do not be surprised when Calderón sings in unison that of: ¡¡¡¡NO, OLE, OLE, CHOLO SIMEONE!!!!. Amen.

El cholo Simeone es manteado por sus jugadores el día que ganaron la Europa League.
The cholo Simeone is blanketed by his players the day he won the Europa League.

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