The resurgence of Asturian football

The resurgence of Asturian football

The Spaniard football resurfaces after many years. Yesteryear, the Asturian derby between Real Oviedo and Sporting Gijon was a true classic of First Division. A party that over the years, also he came to realize over the years in Second Division. A derby that takes many years without result (among the top teams of both) and that next year not occur although both cities can be happy. Both have promoted category.

Gijon happiness not so much lived since the legendary Manolo Preciado, gijoneses returned to First through the front door 2008. Despite it seems an eternity ago that Sporting has not played in the top flight only makes 3 years down. But nevertheless, This rise is if anything even more special value.

Abelardo hand, one sportinguista who triumphed as a player at Barcelona and the Spanish national team, the gijonés whole has risen despite not being able to sign anyone or in summer or in winter because of the terrible economic problems that squeeze to the club, achieving the feat with people from home and great enthusiasm. In fact they managed to complete the first 19 games unbeaten.

What of the Real Oviedo comes from farther away. The ovetenses fell from heaven to hell so fast that they did not even notice. Habitual in First Division, He descended on 2001 Second Division and 2003 at once he fell to the Third Division to Second Division B after falling in the field and down one more category in dispatches for issues of defaults.

From there he began a journey through the desert for a club and fans unaccustomed to fight through the mud fields Third and Second B. A hard journey that has lasted 12 years but where finally the picture of the Principality has managed to see the light after ascending finally to the Second Division. We do not know how they will next year or whether we will see the Asturian derby in the Primera short term but 2015 It is certainly a successful year for the Spaniard football with two ascents of two historic that came to be at the edge of the KO. Undoubtedly the resurgence of the Asturian football.

So they celebrated in Oviedo back to Second Division.
So they celebrated in Oviedo back to Second Division.

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