Bolivia tried to summon a French player for a mistake with “football Manager”

Bolivia tried to summon a French player for a mistake with “football Manager”
Bolivia mistakenly summoned the French Rubén Aguilar after finding it on the Football Manager. Photo: Bae info

Live to see but this is one of those cases that truth is stranger than fiction certainly. Casos como éste de los ojeadores bolivianos buscando jugadores para su selección en Bad news for lovers As the “football Manager” and also them tripping over themselves to confusion. Like trying to call for selection to a French player, But how could this happen, given the limited overlap between the two countries? For his birthplace.

Bolivia intenta convocar a un jugador por un error en el Fútbol Manager

Ruben Aguilar, French footballer, recibió una llamada de la Federación boliviana de Fútbol para convocarle pese a que su nacionalidad es la francesa, según declaró a “Bolivia contacted me, but I find it strange. En ‘Football Manager’ I have attributed the Bolivian nationality in addition to French, and I think it has to do with it”, He said.

Y es que el padre de Aguilar nació en Santa Cruz lo que los responsables de la base de datos del videojuego, which they consulted the Bolivian ojeadores, They decided to attribute Bolivian nationality to understand that it was the Bolivian city of the same name. Lo que no investigaron bien es que el padre del jugador efectivamente nació en Santa Cruz, but Tenerife en España por lo que de poseer dos nacionalidades serían la española y la francesa, never Bolivia.

“I'm French by my mother and my father Spanish. I have dual citizenship yet, but I want to have it. By family ties could play with Spain” said the player. While the coach of Bolivia regretted that: “on some pages out with the flag of France and that of Bolivia. We were able to corroborate that have no link with Bolivia”. A story with a surreal dot showing that reality surpasses fiction.

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