Ancelotti, Mourinho, Guardiola and Simeone, who do you think is better?

Ancelotti, Mourinho, Guardiola o Simeone, ¿quién te parece mejor?

The semifinals of the Champions League are bringing equal and tension-filled matches between the four best teams of the Old Continent. Much of the blame for this lies with their coaches.. Carlo Ancelotti, José Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Cholo Simeone. Four men full of character with a totally different philosophy of play who lead their team to success in different ways. Which one will you keep?

  • Carlo Ancelotti. A league in Italy, france and england, cups in four different countries and two Champions Leagues adorn the record of a man who bases his system on two pillars. Defensive security and from there to try to have the ball. Ancelotti is not the typical Italian who backs down. He does not shy away from possession and good football, although he also dominates the other football. Little friend of rotations, At Real Madrid he uses his system with two midfielders and a single striker with Cristiano as a link. Good character, little given to problems, he usually wins the affection of his fans sooner rather than later.
  • Pep Guardiola: three leagues with Barcelona, of Champions, a Bundesliga with Bayern. The architect of the famous six titles in one year. Guardiola loves attacking football. can play with 9 or without 9, with or without bands, but always with a definite pattern: possession and quick pressing to steal. Correct and elegant before the press, his detractors criticize his false modesty and his useless excess of possession at times.
Simeone y Mourinho luchan por un puesto en la gran final de Lisboa.
Simeone and Mourinho fight for a place in the Lisbon grand final.
  • José Mourinho: the most media. the most conflictive. The “special one”. A strategy phenomenon that won a European Cup with Porto from discipline and another with Inter from order. Defensive security prevails with the Portuguese, The Backlash. He doesn't like his teams building and crafting too much. Prefer fast game. It seems that it has not gone bad. He has won leagues in Portugal, Inglaterra, Spain or Italy.
  • “Cholo” Simeone: last to arrive. He won an Apertura and a Clausura in Argentina, the Europa League and the European Super Cup with Atlético. It lacks the cherry that could be a double “Champions-Liga” that would elevate him to the altars of football. Your teams are organized, full of character, fight and delivery. He has the ability to motivate his players and get the 300%. He loves the counterattack and although he may be the most defensive of the four along with Mourinho, The truth is that the ability to read the matches is spectacular, as the performance of his men.

Which do you think is the best coach??

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