The best goals in football history

The best goals in football history
What are the best goals in history? PHOTO:

Make a list of the best goals in football history It is certainly complicated. Each one will have their opinion and assessment about which were the best goals that have been seen on a football field.. How the goal is the sauce of football and as he said Alfredo Di Stefano; “A game without goals is like a Sunday without sun”, in our line of football news, Let's remember the ones that are for our editorial team, the most beautiful goals that have ever been scored.

The best goals in football history

The goal of the century” -Maradona (1986)

In it World Mexico 1986, Diego Armando Maradona starred in a legendary moment with his “goal of the century” in the match against England. After a brilliant career from midfield, ‘The fuzz‘ He eluded several English defenders with quick and precise movements, culminating with an unstoppable shot at the goal. This iconic goal encapsulates Maradona's genius and technical prowess, and continues to be recorded as one of the best goals of all time.

La chilena” – Hugo Sanchez (1988)

The talented Mexican forward, performed one of the most spectacular overhead kicks in a Spanish League match in 1988. In a moment of pure elegance and acrobatics, Sánchez rose into the air and hit a perfect overhead kick, sending the ball to the back of the net with precision and power. This extraordinary goal has become a symbol of skill and audacity, and is revered as one of the best Chilean goals in history.

“The Magic Goal” -Roberto Carlos (1997)

In the Confederations Cup 1997, in Brazil-France, the powerful Brazilian full-back, He took a free kick that left Barthez as surprised as the rest of the players and public who were present on the field and also millions of fans.. He placed the ball, He walked backwards and hit a left-footed shot that made a parabola as impressive as it was impossible to overcome the barrier and the French goalkeeper..

“The Impossible Goal”-Roberto Carlos (1998)

The Brazilian also scored one of the best goals in history with the Real Madrid shirt. If the goal scored against France seemed like an impossible work of art, the one who scored against Tenerife in a Spanish League match in 1998 was not left behind. Roberto Carlos, The band went up like a projectile and what seemed like it was going to end as a center, It ended as a sensational shot that slipped into the top corner of Ojeda's near post., Argentine goalkeeper for CD Tenerife at the time. A real goal, of the best in the history of the Spanish League.

“Zlatan's Chilean”-Ibrahimovic (2012)

He 14 November 2012, The Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic left one of the best goals in the history of football. In Sweden 4 England 2, Ibra scored a great Chilean goal from outside the area. From an awkward position and in the air, Ibrahimović landed a taekwondo kick with pinpoint precision, sending the ball into the back of the net from a considerable distance.

“Zidane's goal”- Zinedine Zidane (2002)

In the UEFA Champions League final 2002 between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen, Zinedine Zidane left his mark with a spectacular goal. Receiving a pass from Roberto Carlos, Zidane controlled the ball with his chest and, without letting it fall to the ground, He connected it with a powerful volley and it precisely embedded itself in the frame. This goal shows Zidane's technical mastery and elegance, and it was crucial for Real Madrid to be crowned European champion.

These are some of the goals we have chosen. There are hundreds of thousands more. Which one do you stay with??

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