The highest paid football

The highest paid football
Messi, Cristiano and Mbappé are still the best paid.

When we talk about football we talk about passion, fame and of course fortune. And it is that it is no secret to anyone that this sport generates both money and excitement worldwide. That is why it is very common to see soccer players at the top of the lists of the highest paid athletes., and this year has not been the exception. According to Forbes magazine, first and second place go to two footballers who have undoubtedly been a reference in the last decade, while the third is for whom it could well be considered the successor of these.

Cristiano Ronaldo is once again the highest paid footballer thanks to the deal he closed with Al Nassr, an achievement that had not been achieved since 2017 and that frankly surprised everyone. The agreement of the Portuguese 38 years with the Saudi team earned him an income of around 136 million euros in the last 12 months, while only the contract generated some 200 millions.

On the other hand, his famous rival and recent world champion, Lionel Messi, was left alone 6 million euros behind, thanks to his position at PSG, team that incidentally is also responsible for the 120 million generated by third place, Kylian Mbappé. However, players and teams are not the only ones who benefit from the wealth generated by this sport; gamblers can also make huge profits from each match, when they have an agent or betting platform.

¿Agent or platform?

Before starting, a couple of definitions are necessary. A betting agent, also called broker, does not get involved in the betting process as such. Nor does it offer quotas or endorse them. It is simply an intermediary between bettors and bookmakers when the former cannot open their own accounts directly due to geographical restrictions or because the latter only offer their services under this modality.. That is exactly what BET-IBC, the best agent for sportsbooks and exchange houses make.

Meanwhile, VIP-IBC is a betting platform, which are sites that gather the offers of the brands with which you cooperate, classifies and presents them in a clear and coherent way so that users can make relevant and informed decisions, quickly and easily. In both cases, the bets are made directly in the bookmakers.

What do BET-IBC and VIP-IBC have in common??

The first thing they share is that both companies are the best in their respective categories.. That is to say, the best betting agent and the best betting platform, but they also share the following characteristics:

  • They make sure that all the establishments that are part of their catalog of options are totally reliable, because they represent the bases of your services as an intermediary.

  • Its customer service teams are made up of professionals who have sufficient knowledge to clear up any doubts and resolve any problems should they occur..

  • The websites of both are protected with the most advanced cyber security protocols that guarantee that any private information is protected from unauthorized access..

  • Both sites have modern designs and fully support a mobile experience., facilitating access from tablets and smartphones without the need to download applications.

  • They have tutorials and sections dedicated to teaching their users how to use their web pages., as well as complementary material for learning the best techniques and strategies to boost profits in sports betting.

  • Various deposit and withdrawal options so that bettors can manage their money comfortably and efficiently.


The first big difference is that BET-IBC has the best team of professional tipsters available to its users.. It is a group of experts who share their wisdom for free so that punters have a guide to compare with their own selections., or simply take advantage of an opportunity that perhaps you were unaware of. As if this were not enough, the best betting broker also organizes its own exclusive competitions and promotions for its users.

Another divergent point of great importance is the tools arranged on the website. BET-IBC has features like odds converters, spread or handicap calculators, and sections of interest such as blogs and news related to the sports industry and sports betting. Without forget, Of course, that VIP-IBC is essentially just another tool, being a betting platform.


On the other hand, The main advantage that a platform has over sportsbooks is that it allows you to handle multiple bookmakers through a single account. Considering the relationship between the number of bettors, the sum total of the bets and the odds and limits offered, let there be more of the first, in turn allows them to get better deals on the other two parameters. Equally, users can compare the prices of all partner houses and select the ones they consider appropriate.

Meanwhile, the fact that everything can be done through a single account is a bigger advantage than it seems, because the only alternative is the tedious process that unfortunately had to be followed until now: buscar sportsbooks, find out if they were trustworthy, take the risk of opening and funding accounts on each of them and then going through the pains of logging in and out of each of them to be able to review their odds and finally decide which one to bet on.

In conclusion, whichever of the two sites you choose will be the right solution for your gaming needs, as long as you take into account its characteristics. And although it may take him a long time to reach the Forbes magazine ranking as CR7, Messi and Mbappe, we are sure that with these companies, your bets will be as profitable and well paid as possible.

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