Cristiano Ronaldo continues to break records: If today marks a goal equal to Gento

Cristiano Ronaldo is one step to beat another record with the white shirt. If today marks a goal, will reach the 126 in the league and will match up as white filmmaker sixth championship to Real Madrid legend Gento as. The Portuguese reach those numbers in just 116 matches (three seasons and so far this) throwing a dazzling average of more than one goal per game: 1,08. Conversely, Paco Gento, He did after 428 matches (18 seasons, of 1953 a 1971): 0,29 half goals.

Sum 125 goals in 115 matches, with those parties amounted Di Stefano and Pahiño 100 goals , while Pancho Puskas had scored 104. Total, Cristiano sum 167 many in 166 parties and has the best average madridista history. In the overall standings he ranked ninth ahead of Amancio (155 goals in 471 matches) and it is close to the eighth which is Emilio Butragueno (171 goals in 463 matches).

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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