Vladan Lukic: European champion a soldier in the war

Vladan Lukic: European champion a soldier in the war
The Serb went unnoticed in his time at Atletico Madrid.

Do you know who Vladan Lukić?. Only the smartest will remember our hero today. The story of a limited player who wore the red and white elastic in the early 90. He landed in Madrid by the hand of Jesus Gil, He went through the team of the city whose mayor was the president himself Athletic, the peculiar half of Marbella 90, and he changed the ball through the rifle at the end of the last century. Today we present a real "hanging", el excéntrico Vladan Lukic.

Born in the former city - Yugoslavian Sopot, this particular one player belonged to that formidable talents generation led by Prosinecki, Savicevic, Jugovic o Mihajlovic. It was formed in the quarry of Red Star, team he belonged when he proclaimed as the ultimate champion of European Cup 1991, because the competition would suffer considerable reformatting the following year and became what we now know as the Champions League. In February 1993, He ended up in the ranks of Atletico Madrid, where even the most devout of the place had heard of it. Only the elect knew that he was compared by his game and its complicated character with Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov end.

Red Star orejona
Lukić was part of the Red Star who won the “Orejona” of 1991.

His compatriot and friend Prosinecki, at that time in the ranks of Real Madrid, He acted as a great host at the recent signing of Jesus Gil great. But at the end of the season and having gone unnoticed by the Spanish football and have scored two goals in nine games with the colchoneros, start a journey through a large number of European teams. This Serbian wanderer, shirts clubs dressed as FK Vojvodina, OKF Belgrade or as stated above, the CA Marbella with a poor scorer baggage and painful image. Finally it was enshrined in the Swiss football, where he scored 15 goals in just 29 matches, what caught the attention of the leaders of the French Metz, and they were the latter who most enjoyed their football.

Until the 30 March 1999, its nationalism and its controversial nature made him join the Serbian army, leaving professional football for a while and be a soldier of the army of his country in the Kosovo conflict. They will remember for the emotional statements of good Vladan on that spring morning, among which are the following:

• “I will defend my country children who can not play ball in the street as French children”.
• “Nobody will change our borders against our will and my country will never be busy”.
• “I am a citizen and I will do what I should do, I know my duty”.

At the end of the conflict and after the horror that only war can engender in a man, football still gave him the opportunity to hang up his boots in the Greek Paniliakos. still 30 years, he returned to his hometown, He opened a family restaurant and took over the presidency of FK Sopot, which in the year 2009 would serve as a springboard to become the highest authority of the Red Star. So he saw fulfilled one of his most important dreams, be president of the club of his childhood.

Unfortunately and after swashbuckling defend his colleague and coach at the time, Robert Prosinecki, I was obliged to resign influenced by pressure from fans. It has recently completed a year of this event and the peculiar Vladan goodbye to the presidential chair saying he had neither the strength nor the energy to follow the command of the best club in Serbia, certainly a point and followed in the path of this peculiar character, the player soldier.

Lukić with the flag of the Red Star.
Lukić with the flag of the Red Star.
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