Royston Drenthe, another one of those cases of players who finished estrellados

Royston Drenthe, another one of those cases of players who finished estrellados
Royston Drenthe, a very busy life before 30. Soccer player, rapper and large family among other things. PHOTO: As

Royston Drenthe You could dramatize the best example of how you can throw away a race for not having furnished head. He signed for Real Madrid when he was only 20 years and Whites paid the not inconsiderable figure of 14 million euros for a player who at that time looked to be one of the stars of football next decade.

End Dutch-born lefthander 1987, It is a powerful player, technical and very fast. Royston Drenthe, He came to the Bernabeu to put the stand on his feet, although it was far from doing. To the 29 after hitting a thousand years and lurch by various teams and countries, He decided to quit football to embark on his career as a rapper and then resume his career a few years later after carrying out a military training hard and losing 20 kilos. Almost nothing.

Royston Drenthe, Power without control is useless

As one slogan said tire brand ; “Power without control is useless”, fact that leads demonstrating for the past six years. He started strong in the Real Madrid, but he was slowly reduced and that had four different coaches in the white set, but it was not for their quality so this happened. The Dutch player is very talented but very little common sense.

Royston Drenthe, one of the worst signings of Real Madrid
Drenthe, one of the worst signings of Real Madrid for his bad head. PHOTO: AS

Upon arrival at Madrid, when I had not been a month in the city, It was caught speeding overnight against direction with its luxury car for a central city street. The good Royston, He argued that his GPS had mistaken him. It was five in the morning and trained the next morning.

Juande Ramos being Real Madrid coach, He had some poor performances and the public the Bernabeu, fed up with his eccentricities and not convincing on the lawn whistled. His response was something never seen a footballer. He asked his coach not to play because he whistled. Juande, He agreed and seeing the big picture Royston Drenthe no retold for coach.

Royston Drenthe, an example of how to have a very busy life before 30

Pellegrini, serious man if ever there was, Nor had too much to him and virtually closed the doors of the club. With the arrival of Mourinho to the white club and as was obvious given the tough character and winner of the Portuguese, I had to leave Real Madrid 2010.

Real Madrid sent him to Hercules Alicante, set newly promoted at that time. All Alicante wanted to assemble a first-class team to get away without an important detail, They did not have enough money to keep the project. The result was the same for player and club, spectacular start and horrible end. The player at the end, the finished rolling as long as the Hercules fell to second again , surrounded by problems and unpaid.

Royston Drenthe He started strong in Alicante, becoming chanted by the supporters, but soon began to do his. He was caught by two hundred per hour Alicante with its sporty and when they started the economic problems of Hercules, He decided not to play or run for train what made until their fellow loaded against him. The fans who had hailed him both at the beginning of the League, He came to his house and filled it with graffiti, step from hero to villain.

Royston Drenthe started very strong in the Hercules but ended up making mischief.
Royston Drenthe started very strong in the Hercules but ended up making the suyas.FOTO: As

In between he had time to do another of his exploits. The dutch, a program called gossip of those that abound in some tabloid chain dye, to defend her friend, who was stuck in stories famoseos. To give you an idea of ​​their lifestyle, born in 1987, in 2010 already she had three children and several gold teeth.

Real Marid output and a long journey for many teams without much success

In 2011, I had to return to Real Madrid where Mourinho obviously and after what he had done in Alicante, I wanted less, so I had to leave, but this time pierced. British Everton signed him, transfer even paying for it.

There he repeated his standard pattern. explosive and final start of horror. It seemed he was focusing finally arrived until Christmas. In England, at that time is when more games are played but the friend Royston, how special he told the coach that he did not put him, that wanted Christmas break.

Everton more of the same. Drenthe ran out the hard way after a promising start.
Everton more than mismo.Royston Drenthe finished out the hard way after a promising start.

David Moyes, She made him play during every Christmas and then sent him to warm the bench. At the end of the season, the Rotterdam left the Everton as on all sides, with more pain than glory. With only 25 years, he was without a team, unemployed and training on his own.

Because of his achievements and his youth, fichara got him a Russian team in the winter market 2013. While its level rose, his team under the Russian Second and he, as usual, He left the club in summer. The Second Reading of English, Turkish football and Baniyas Emirates, the orders of Luis García Plaza were his final destinations before his temporary withdrawal. They wore a rather pronounced overweight.

Royston Drenthe's shirt Baniyas, PHOTO: As

Retirement from football to devote himself to rap and back back.

To the 29 years, close to meeting the 30, Royston Drenthe He decided that theirs and football was over and I needed to focus their time and efforts on his new career as a rapper thus entering the select list of players who made the leap into the world of the song. Here we can see a sample of his other talent.

After as we tell you in this article, the controversial Dutch footballer decided to return to football in the ranks of Sparta Rotterdam after leaving football to sing rap. For it, he was forced to lose 20 kilos following a series of hard training including a military-style. Royston Drenthe, a peculiar uncle.

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