What are the most important changes that the football regulations have had?

What are the most important changes that the football regulations have had?
What things have changed in the football regulations?

Soccer is a sport known throughout the world and practiced by millions of people. A simple sport, easy to understand, and more than anything, easy in understanding its rules. Many of them, but nevertheless, they didn't exist a few decades ago.

That is why clicking here you will be able to know some of the best known football rules and their origins. Either way, This article will review the most important and significant changes that the football regulations have undergone and what their consequences have been.


Although it seems strange, since the beginning of football and well into the decade of 1950, in football you couldn't make substitutions. What is equal: if a player was injured during a match, he had to stay with the goalkeeper to avoid goal situations from the rival, O well, stay close to the opponent's goal to wait for a goal situation in favor.

Between 1958 Y 1970, injury substitution was implemented, and subsequently, tactical substitution, 1 for each team during 90 minutes of play.

In 1992, and later in 1995, all three injury substitutions and three generalized tactical substitutions allowed, respectively.

In the new millennium, the fourth substitution (2018) and the current proposal of the five substitutions (2020) propose to sow new changes in football.

The use of technology

Until the year 2012, soccer was a sport based on trust, in honor, respect, and in the technical and physical capacity of the referees to observe everything and judge from objectivity.

How that was humanly impossible, and many errors throughout history were responsible for corroborating all this -as "The hand of God"-, in the year 2012 the first technological element was introduced in football, goal verification on the goal line, with a vibrating warning on the referee's watch, in case the ball crossed the goal line. That eliminated forever - in the leagues where it is used- the concept of "Ghost goal".

In the year 2018, after a few first appearances since the year 2016 in the main European leagues, and later in continental and world championships, video arbitration was implemented, known as VAR. Matches have become more rugged, with additional times that usually go from 3 until the 8 minutes, on average, but justice and controversy have become a common factor, in one of the most enigmatic and drastic decisions football has ever suffered.

Voluntary assignment to goalkeepers

The World Cup in Italy 1990 represented an elixir for defensive teams. There was a play that triggered changes in the way of applying the regulation: the assignment to the goalkeepers.

It was quite common for teams that were winning, voluntarily throw the ball to their goalkeepers, so that they would take it with their hands and lose, on average, until 10 minutes throughout the game.

Because, in the year 1992 the concept of loan to goalkeeper, where the goalkeepers could not catch a ball with their hands from a teammate. Implemented by IFAB, allowed football to win integers in dynamics and I create some tactical concepts like the "Goalkeeper player", widely used by coaches such as Josep Guardiola or Marcelo Bielsa, where the goalkeeper becomes part of the defensive and organizational dynamics of his team, thanks to a collective understanding of the countries and movements, playing with his feet as if he were a libero.

Other rules also changed to football. The Bosman Act created unprecedented soccer powers, and increased the distances between South America and Europe in terms of technical and financial capabilities to create competitive workforces. The offside u offside, was modified in terms of the number of players that prevented or allowed a player to be enabled, as well as in parts of the body that enabled (o no) to the player. Many changes are coming, and football is likely to live new revolutions, something that regardless of its nature, has not prevented it from continuing to be the most practiced and known sport globally.


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