Unbeatable doormen: when you score a goal it is impossible

Unbeatable doormen: when you score a goal it is impossible
Vincent Enyeama has achieved unbeaten record in Ligue 1 French.

This week we are living in Italy and France time record for goalkeepers. Lille goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama, He has achieved the unbeaten record in Ligue 1 gala to be getting 1038 minutes without conceding a single goal. Eleven meetings where his goal has been to 0. In Italy, a historical as Gianluigi Buffon is 18 minutes to overcome 568 which came to be unbeaten for three seasons after not having seen pierced his goal in the last six meetings.

Traditionally, they say that the record imbatilibidad in Europe is itself a Belgian who played for Bruges, Dany Verlinden, who became 1390 minutes without conceding somewhat between March and September 1990. “The wall” He did in a competition considered minor but there are other far-reaching goalkeepers who have overcome the barrier of 1000 minutes without conceding a goal in major leagues. It is these few:

Mazaropi has unbeaten record.
Mazaropi has unbeaten record.

1- Geraldo Pereira de Matos Filho 'Mazaropi’: the goalkeeper Vasco de Gama holds the world record unbeaten run. It was 1816 minutes without conceding a single goal between the 18 May 1977 and the 7 September 1978.

2- Edwin Van Saar he was 1311 minutes without conceding a goal with Manchester United. He did so from the 8 November 2008 until the 4 March 2009. Its size and speed of movement caused a wall outside during that time.

3- Abel Resino: at the beginning of the decade of the 90, Atletico goalkeeper picked up a streak 14 games without him from scoring a goal. From the 25 November 1990 until the 17 March when Luis Enrique stripped him record, nobody could beat the goalkeeper colchonero.

4- Vitor Baia: 1192 minutes with Porto threw one of the doormen fashion world football in the early 90 without seeing doors. The lack of rivalry with the Portuguese set lusas other squads, the safety of the Barcelona goalie dessert and a seamless defense allowed such an adventure. Then he reap another bolt 1005 minutes. Almost nothing.

Baia exceeded twice the barrier 1000 minutes.
Baia exceeded twice the barrier 1000 minutes.

5- Peter Cech: of the 18 from December to 2004 al 5 March 2005, Peter Cech Czech showed that his goal was a life insurance. Under orders Claudio Ranieri, Chelsea proved a huge defensive solidity, where much he had to see the keeper “blue”.

Other men who have passed according to the IFFHS 1000 imbatidos minutes:

1. Geraldo Pereira CR Vasco da Gama
Matos Filho »Mazaropi" Rio de Janeiro Brazil 18.05.1977-07.09.1978 1.816
2. Nawaf Khalid Al-Khalidi Al-Qadsia SC Kuwait-City Kuwait 20.02.2011-16.03.2012 1.453
3. Thabet El-Batal National SC Cairo Egypt 07.04.1975-29.12.1976 1.442
4. Dany Verlinden Club Brugge KV Belgium 03.03.1990-26.09.1990 1.390
5. Jose Maria Buljubasich CD Universidad Catolica
Santiago Argentina 26.06.2005-30.10.2005 1.352
6. Thabet El-Batal National SC Cairo Egypt 03.03.1978-16.02.1979 1.325
7. Edwin van der Sar Manchester United FC The Netherlands 08.11.2008-04.03.2009 1.311
8. Essam El-Hadari National SC Cairo Egypt 28.02.2006-21.08.2006 1.288
9. Sameer Saeed Al-Arabi Club Kuwait-City Kuwait 01.11.1987-23.11.1989 1.283
10. Abel Resino Gómez Club Atlético de Madrid Spain 25.11.1990-17.03.1991 1.275
11. Adel Nefzi Club Africain Tunis Tunisia 28.10.2007-20.04.2008 1.270
12. Gaëtan Huard FC Girondins de Bordeaux France 03.12.1992-10.04.1993 1.266
13. Armelino Donizete
Quagliano "Zetti" SE Palmeiras Sao Paulo Brazil 05.04.1987-24.05.1987 1.242
14. Marios Praxitelous Omonia Nicosia Cyprus 25.10.1981-13.02.1982 1.221
15. Stoyan Yordanov CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 06.09.1970-30.05.1971 1.202
16. Vitor Manuel Martins Bay FC Porto Portugal 15.09.1991-05.01.1992 1.191
17. Dimitar Ivankov Levski Sofia Bulgaria 09.05.1998-15.08.1999 1.190
18. Boubaker Zitouni Club Africain Tunis Tunisia 26.05.1995-17.02.1996 1.181
19. Adnan Guso NK Zeljeznicar Sarajevo Bosnia and
Herzegovina 30.10.2011-05.05.2012 1.180
20. Ibrahim Mujkic FK Buducnost Banovici Bosnia and
Herzegovina 20.11.1999-16.05.2000 1.156
21. Robert Clark Aberdeen FC Scotland 24.10.1970-16.01.1971 1.155
22. Denis Romanenco Zimbru Chisinau Moldova 18.09.1998-13.07.1999 1.154
23. Ikrami El-Shahhat National SC Cairo Egypt 21.11.1976-30.12.1977 1.133
24. Viktor Bannikov Dynamo Kiev Soviet Union 07.08.1967-17.04.1968 1.127
25. Senol Gunes Trabzonspor K Trabzon Turkey 17.09.1978-18.02.1979 1.110
26. Marius Poškus Anchor-Neck Kaunas Lithuania 01.10.1995-05.05.1996 1.109
27. Nizami Sadigov Turan Tovuz Azerbaijan 20.03.1993-14.07.1993 1.106
28. Fanos Stylianou Anorthosis Famagusta Cyprus 03.12.1978-04.03.1979 1.105
29. Aziz Kinani Mograb MA Tétoune Morocco 18.12.2011-04.05.2012 1.104
30. Yury Romensky Dynamo Kiev Soviet Union 26.06.1980-18.10.1980 1.100
31. Christopher Woods Glasgow Rangers FC England 22.11.1986-07.02.1987 1.095
32. Giora Antman Maccabi Haifa FC Israel 07.01.1989-06.05.1989 1.093
33. Panayotis Ikonomopoulos Panathinaikos AO Athina Hellas 17.01.1965-16.05.1965 1.088
34. Marc Ziegler FC Tirol Innsbruck Germany 15.05.2001-22.09.2001 1.085
35. Heinz Stuy AFC Ajax Amsterdam The Netherlands 07.02.1971-27.05.1971 1.082
36. Carlos José Barisio Club Ferro Carril Oeste
Buenos Aires Argentina 31.05.1981-26.07.1981 1.077
37. Mark Ovendale Barry Town FC Wales 23.09.1995-23.12.1995 1.076
38. Mosbah Sangab Al-Ahly Tripoli Libya 11.11.1983-21.06.1984 1.075
39. Manuel Galrinho Bento Sport Lisboa and Benfica Portugal 29.09.1985-12.01.1986 1.065
40. Ahmed Shoubeir National SC Cairo Egypt 16.02.1994-15.06.1995 1.057
41. Emerson Leão SE Palmeiras Sao Paulo Brazil 04.10.1973-18.11.1973 1.056
Ikrami El-Shahhat National SC Cairo Egypt 19.02.1982-16.11.1982 1.056
43. Ikrami El-Shahhat National SC Cairo Egypt 17.04.1973-08.11.1974 1.045
44. Bujar Gogunja Labinoti Elbasan Albania 11.12.1983-13.05.1984 1.037
45. Petr Cech Chelsea FC London Czech Republic 12.12.2004-05.03.2005 1.025
46. Otoniel Quintana CD Los Millonarios Bogotá Colombia 12.09.1971-14.11.1971 1.024
Gustavo Gonzáles Teruel Sporting Cristal Lima Peru 30.03.1989-19.11.1989 1.024
48. Raimundo Aguilera Guarani FC Asuncion Paraguay 02.07.1967-15.10.1967 1.019
49. Raimundo Aguilera Guarani FC Asuncion Paraguay 11.05.1969-26.10.1969 1.018
50. Sergei Veremko FC BATE Barysau Belarus 01.11.2009-13.06.2010 1.016
51. Eduardo Antonio Fournier Cobreloa Calama Chile 06.07.1985-14.09.1985 1.012
52. Charles Shaw Glasgow Celtic FC Scotland 13.12.1913-28.02.1914 1.010
53. Ashraf Abhmed Aboulnour Al-Nasr Dubai Egypt 07.10.1977-14.01.1978 1.006
54. Peter Czaja GKS Katowice Poland 08.04.1970-19.09.1970 1.005
Vitor Manuel Martins Bay FC Porto Portugal 23.09.1995-07.01.1996 1.005
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