Bordalás' fights with other coaches, a classic already in the league

Bordalás' fights with other coaches, a classic already in the league
Bordalás is an uncle of character who has it stiff with many people. PHOTO: Captura Youtube

Las peleas de Bordalás con otros entrenadores LaLiga and even European football have already become a classic. That the Alicante coach is a man of character is already well known. You just have to see the own stamp that has been printed for years to its equipment, especially to Getafe. However, his encounters with other coaches who have recriminated his way of playing, have become at least a classic. We review some of their ‘piques’.

Bordalás' fights with other coaches

The Bordalás war- Setien

The relationship between the two technicians is quite bad, so much so that they have maintained different ‘piques’ over the years. When Quique Setién directed Lugo and Pepe Bordalás to Alcorcón, a rivalry began that extended until the First Division.

This rivalry born in the silver category reached the First Division fields in 2017 and had its peak on 3 de noviembre de 2017, after the two-way tie between Betis and Getafe in the Benito Villamarin. “It seemed to me a regrettable match. Getafe is the team that fouls the most. It is unfortunate that only three minutes have been added. It is always the same”, criticized Setién.

Bordalás also hit the Cantabrian coach when he directed Barça in 2020. “When we played against Barça their goalkeeper gave 69 passports. I don't want my doorman to give 69 passports, we would not be doing something right. What I want is to generate scoring chances” the Alicante sentenced on the game model implemented by Setién in his team.

Bordalás and Marcelino, a rivalry so extreme to the point of refusing to greet each other

With another coach with whom Pepe Bordalás had it stiff is with Marcelina García Toral. As much as to get to deny the greeting before and after the games in which they face. This tense history between one and the other dates back to January 2019, when Valencia came back in the last 3 game minutes 2 goals he needed to get through the tie against Getafe and the match ended with a monumental tangana. Antes, they had already crossed a few statements.

“I have nothing with any coach, but I have seen that Marcelino has had problems with many coaches. You know what he said Jurgen Klopp in the last confrontation you had with him. I have nothing else to say”. Bordalás affirmed about the statements of the German who came to affirm in 2016 what “I would not like to be like Marcelino for a second of my life”.

Marcelino's fights with other coaches
Bordalás alluded to this fight between Marcelino and Klopp to charge against the Asturian. PHOTO: To be

Marcelino for his part replied that “I have the education and the utmost respect for my colleagues not to make statements that mean disparagement to each of them, because imagine that to answer about the Getafe coach I refer to some statements from the Cata Díaz environment. It would be acting in an inappropriate way and out of respect for all my colleagues I will never do it” in relation to some statements by the wife of the Argentine central defender who came to call the Alicante coach a traitor for the departure of Cata del Getafe.

With so much gunpowder in the press conference, only the spark was missing and this was the end of the tense tie that ended with controversy, blows and more and with the relationship between these 2 broken trainers.

Bordalás and Lopetegui, almost beaten

Sábado 6 de febrero de 2021. Sevilla and Getafe faced. Djené, blue central, made a hard tackle to Lucas Ocampos that ended with the Sevilla player, one of the stars of the team, leaving the field on a stretcher with tears in his eyes and with the Getafe central defender expelled for a direct red. this action, It caused the ensuing tangana and made Julen Lopetegui lose his nerve, a local coach who went straight for Bordalás to recriminate his way of seeing football. The Getafe coach responded by going for Lopetegui, hitting even a slap to the Sevilla field delegate. Both ended up expelled and of course, exchanging ‘pearls’ at a press conference.

“It is something that I had not experienced, blaming me for what happened, I have been able to read a serious insult towards me that you cannot allow as a professional or person. At that time I felt mistreated and later I was expelled unfairly too” Bordalás expressed about the incident with Lopetegui.

He also had it with Arrasate

In Bordalás' wide list of fights, Joseba Arrasate also enters. “It's a cheeky, unprofessional and bad partner” stated about the Basque coach after he, would suggest that the Bordalás teams played that other football very well.

"When a lie is told so repeatedly, everyone ends up believing it. And I've been like this for four years at Getafe, and I no longer hold it or consent. Whoever does that is a cheek and I tell him to his face. It's a cheeky. It is to be unprofessional and a bad partner”, accused Arrasate

Bordalás' fights with other coaches are not limited only to LaLiga

Pepe Bordalás he has had them stiff with other coaches outside of Spanish football. The qualifying game that faced Getafe and Ajax that was played in Amsterdam became tense and Bordalás, that never flees a battle, He did not hesitate to face and face the local coach Ten Hag, with whom you had a heated discussion.

peleas de Bordalás con otros entrenadores
Bordalás had them stiff with the Ajax coach. PHOTO: Captura Youtube


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