Five fights between coaches and players

Five fights between coaches and players
Romario had them stiff with Luis Aragones.

Coaching is not an easy job. He tells someone who is just beginning in this complicated world of leading teams. As in each group of, whether in the field that is, is normal frictions arising especially between those who govern and those who must obey. This in football sometimes magnifies, that's why in Colgados, I remember five fights between coaches and players.

1. Mancini and Ballotelli: both Italians, They came to blows during a training session of Manchester City. Child character and wayward Balotelli is well known but few could guess that eventually reaching hands with his coach and only the intervention of the rest of his teammates prevented a greater evil.

Balotelli ended a fight with coach Mancini at City.
Balotelli ended a fight with coach Mancini at City.

2. Luis Aragones and Romario: Look at me to ojitos! Such confidence was going hard and tanning Luis Aragones in Valencia back in training 1996 soon as discipline but great Romario. party lover, Brazilian liked the good little train and Luis Aragones liked little such matters. The relationship did not last long and interestingly none of them ended the season at Valencia 1996/97.

3. Luis Aragones and Eto'o: Wise was again protagonist when heading to Mallorca in a match against Zaragoza at the Romareda, Samuel Eto'o switched to. The Cameroonian was a somewhat rebellious young man at that time, I was not quite agree and left the field flounced. This did not much like the Sage did not hesitate to grab the “neck” and shake him on the bench as he hit a sovereign anger Cameroonian. As you said after the Wise: “I did not give a header miracle”. Aragones was always Genio.

4. Djalminha and Irureta: Brazilian Djalminha was a great player, a spectacular talent. But as every genius when a cable crossed another thing he was going out of hand. But just ask Jabo Irureta when training with the Brazilian Depor threw a head coach for a decision on a training match. The rapid intervention of his colleagues avoided the matter desmadrara in the face of surprise good Irureta.

5. Cardozo and Jorge Jesus: Benfica player and coach at that time had pricked the Lisbon team after losing the final of the Portuguese Cup 2013 before the Vitoria. At the end of the match, Paraguayan player coach berated him had changed and pushed Jorge Jesus as he made overt gestures of disapproval. This cost 65.000 Paraguayan euros.

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