What happens to Sevilla and Valencia?

What happens to Sevilla and Valencia?

Sevilla and Valencia are two of the strongest teams in the Spanish League, or at least that is what is assumed all seasons on paper, more so after two they shall be classified in various ways to play in the Champions 2015/16. Two traded upward at least in economic numbers templates, the fact is that the year has started far from what we both waited with two pressing crises very start of the season.

Valencia lives in a permanent fire before the season starts. Extra sports themes has joined a terrible start to the season not only in games but in points scored and feelings. And it is that valencianistas are one of the teams that make fewer goals in Primera something that means seeing that in the first days of the season have hardly been able to generate a chance.

If we add to that one summer I moved with output symbols as Salvo, Rufete and Ayala in favor of Nuno has taken absolute power in the club, We can understand that in the day 4 the supporters sing her coach that Nuno go now. And they hooted at the team presentation without any nefarious party still no result.

Mestalla tier has rowed Nuno.
Mestalla tier has rowed Nuno. Photo: Valencia.eldesmarque.com

A board of directors composed almost entirely by people trusted Lim with no visible head valencianismo, a players' agent Mendes almost as athletic director in the shade and ill-treatment to the fans with the theme of Champions entries are some things that have joined the awful sporting moment Mestalla club forming a dangerous cocktail, rather explosive.

The case of Sevilla meanwhile also calls attention. Colist in the day 4 Y 5, it has only been able to add 2 of the 15 points at stake. All this despite a priori reinforced very well with high-level people as contrasted Immobile, N´Zonzi, Fernando Llorente or Konoplyanka who joined an already powerful template if.

A team gave an excellent image in the final of the European Super Cup against Barcelona and wore his best side in the first match of Champions. Something that has not been done in the league where their participation 2 draws and 3 losses 5 matches, It is leaving much to be desired. It is still early and both are two teams that should be up but the sensations in both cases does not seem the best, at least two teams to be forced up.

The start of Sevilla is still to forget. Photo: as.com
The start of Sevilla is still to forget. Photo: as.com

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