The most multiracial European teams (I)

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If we talk about a country and more specifically a selection that took advantage of the racial variety that abounds in population, all of us comes to mind France world champion 1998. A homogeneous group of players who came from different religions, breeds, Continents, etc. At this time we find it is rare not to find a European team that has no player with different nationalities, either by family descent, move to the country when he was young or nationalization stay long in a country, in fact in the 54 UEFA teams that make up the find at least one player who meets one of these requirements. Here in Colgados for football we present the 5 European teams with more multiracial players.

This list is made with the players named by their respective teams in the year 2013 and so far 2014


Les Bleus are taking advantage of the number of former colonies in Africa that are in addition to the overseas territories are still under control, to remain the most multiracial European team. Most are descendants of Africa: Senegal (Stories, Your Gomis y), R.D. Congo (Matuidi and Mangala), Mali (Sissoko), Guinea-Conakry (Pogba), Argelia (Benzema y Nasri), Benin (Fanny), Central African Republic (Zouma and Kondogbia) and Morocco (Rami). There are also some who are born in Africa: R.D. Congo (Mandanda), Senegal (Evra) and Central African Republic (Yanga-Biwa). Les Bleus also take advantage of the descendants of the overseas territories such as Martinique (Abidal, Clichy, Varane y Rémy), Guadalupe (Lacazette there Capua) and Meeting with Trémoulinas or Payet who was born in the Indian Ocean island. They are curious cases Koscielny (It has Polish ancestry) and Mavuba is born near the Angolan coast in the sea and also his father is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Dutch also have two former territories they come from the most players, But the strangest thing is that these two South American countries (Surinam and Curacao) not reach the 700.000 habitantes. Suriname descend: Form, Vermeer, Mist, Nelom, De Jong, Wijnaldum, Nrsidarg, Lens and Boethius, besides Tiendalli is born in the South American country. Curacao descend: Van der Wiel, Willems, Van Rhijn, and Fer. Then also they have several descendants of African countries: Túnez (Rekis), Ghana (Depay), Marruecos (Maher), Angola (Trinity of Vilhena) and Cape Verde (Duarte), besides PROPER (Holanda) y Van der Vaart (España). Finally we have to Martins-Indi is born in Portugal and De Guzman is born in Canada, but Filipino father and Jamaican mother


Most Turkish players with dual nationality are born in Germany due to the large number of immigrants who have come to German soil in recent decades. They born in the German country are: Soil, Sahin, Calhanoglu, tosun, Shn, Custom, Altintop, Kaldirim, Yilmaz, Cigerci, Planter, Sararer, Dogan, Camdal, Khan y Altinay. There are also players born in other European countries like: Holanda (Özyakup y Demır), Francia (Erdinc) and Austria (Frei, but raised in Switzerland) besides Gülüm is born in Australia. Finally we Aziz born in Turkey but of Macedonian descent.


As we explained in a previous article on Kosovo, the country washed by the Adriatic Sea, It has the most players born in Kosovo floor and unable to defend his nation, they decide to defend Albania rather than Serbia is their country of birth. They are born in Kosovo: Cana, Berisha, month, Rama, Lenjani, Jaca, Curri, Berisha, Mehmet, Llulaku and Januzi. Then you have several players that their families migrated to other European countries and born in other territories as: abrashi, Gashi and Basha brothers who are born in Switzerland and Mavraj who is born in Germany. In addition there are descendants of other European countries like: Italia (Hysaj), Bulgaria (Vajushi) and Germany (Gjasula).


The neutral European country benefits from many immigrants from the war in the Balkans and other European countries, also having three official languages (French, Italian and German) do you have many descendants of these three countries. Those born outside Swiss territory are: Kosovo (Shaqiri, Behrami and Xhaka), Macedonia (Dzemaili and Kasami), Nigeria (Emeghara), Germany (Klose), Cape Verde (Fernandes) and Ivory Coast (Djourou). Then there are those who descend from other countries both Balkan and other European and even South America: Chile (Rodríguez), Turquía (Derdiyok in y), Croacia (Drmic), Italia (Benaglio and Barnetta), Bosnia (Seferovic y Gavranovic), Macedonia (Mehmed), España (Walking trails) and the Netherlands (by mountains). A law passed recently in the Swiss parliament that limits the entry of immigrants into the country helvético, cause we lost one of the multiracial selections that the mixture increases at lower levels.


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