Analysis Russia World Cup draw 2018

Analysis Russia World Cup draw 2018
Analysis and calendar of the World Cup in Russia. This is how the Russian groups remain 2018. Photo: ABC.ES

The next World Russia 2018 already you know their fate. The 32 teams battling the 14 June of 2018 al 15 July 2018 by relieving Germany as world champion, have known rivals will be measured. Eight groups of four where they will spend the first two and then we analyze:

GROUP A: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Group A features a former champion like Uruguay, the hosts and two a priori selections come with the label stooge. Favorite on paper to pass are Uruguay and Russia.

B GROUP: Portugal, Spain, Iran and Morocco

The last two European champions, neighbors and old foes face off in the first game. The New Spain Lopetegui has recovered favorite label against Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo in which may be his last major world event. Iran and other neighboring peninsula and Morocco will complete the group. Certainly the favorites are Spain and Portugal.

GROUP C: France, Peru, Denmark and Australia

France that Russia in the World 2018 will 20 years he won his first and only World certainly part as favorite. Denmark on paper must be the second. Peru again with the hope of not having played a World Cup quote from 1982. Australia a fixed in World Group will try to get through. Something that in principle would be a feat, although in a World Cup you never know.

GROUP D: Argentina,  Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria

Argentina hand Messi and Sampaoli comes to the appointment with more shadows than doubts. However by history, players and gals, They are always favorites. They were the finalists of the last World. A priori one might think it's easy but eye because Croatia and Iceland are no sweet pear and Nigeria thrashed in the last friendly they played.

GROUP E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia

Brazil comes as a Russian rocket to the World. Switzerland and Serbia are two teams of very talented but erratic and can make life difficult for anyone. Costa Rica was the pleasant surprise in Brazil 2014 although his generation 4 More years, It is difficult to repeat what happened in Brazil.

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Republic of Korea

Germany and Sweden split with all the advantage in the world to go round. Germans are certainly one of the favorites to win the World and repeat victory 2014. Mexico has encountered two bones and despite everything has chance of qualifying. Korea experienced its best in the World Cup 2002 although he accompanied a dubious wake throughout that tournament. It seems to have very complicated in Russia 2018.

GRUPO G: Belgium, England, Tunisia and Panama

One of the groups most lopsided priori but in a World Cup you never know. Belgium and England start with all the numbers to pass the group stage. Tunisia and Panama will provide the illusion of those who have nothing to lose and that can be a double-edged sword.

GROUP H: Poland, Colombia, Senegal and Japan

Poland comes as unseeded, Colombia came with some suspense in this World. Despite this has very talented players. Senegal and Japan will try to make war but we'll see if they get to compete against two favorites.

So groups are Russian World 2018.


– Thursday 14 of June:

15.00 Russia – Saudi Arabia Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

– Friday 15 of June:

12.00 Egypt – Uruguay A Ekaterinburgo Arena

15.00 Morocco – Iran B Arena Zenit St. Petersburg

18.00 Portugal – España B Fisht Stadium Sochi

– Saturday 16 June:

10.00 France – Australia C Kazan Arena

13.00 Argentina – Spartak Moscow Stadium Iceland D

16.00 Peru – Arena Dinamarca C Mordovia Saransk

19.00 Croatia – Nigeria D Kaliningrado Stadium

– Sunday 17 June :

12.00 Costa Rica – Serbia E Samara Arena

15.00 Germany – Mexico F Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

18.00 Brazil – Suiza E Rostov Arena

– Monday 18 June:

12.00 Sweden – Corea Sur F Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

15.00 Belgium – Panamá G Fisht Stadium Sochi

18.00 Tunisia – England G Volgograd Arena

– Tuesday 19 June:

12.00 Poland – Senegal H Spartak Stadium Moscú

15.00 Colombia – Mordovia Saransk H Arena Japan

18.00 Russia – Egypt Arena A Zenit St. Petersburg

– Wednesday 20 June :

12.00 Portugal – Marruecos B Luzhniki Stadium

15.00 Uruguay – Arab Saudi and grew Arena

18.00 Iran – Spain B Kazan Arena

– Thursday 21 June:

12.00 France – C Peru Yekaterinburg Arena

15.00 Denmark – Australia C Samara Arena

18.00 Argentina – Croacia D Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

– Friday 22 June:

12.00 Brazil – Costa Rica's Arena Zenit San Petersburgo

15.00 Nigeria – Islandia D Volgograd Arena

18.00 Serbia – Suiza E Kaliningrad Stadium

– Saturday 23 June:

12.00 Belgium – G Spartak Moscow Stadium Tunisia

15.00 Germany – Suecia F Fisht Stadium Sochi

18.00 On Corea – México F Rostov Arena

– Sunday 24 June:

12.00 England – Panamá G Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

15.00 Japan – Senegal H Ekaterinburgo Arena

18.00 Poland – Colombia H Kazan Arena

– Monday 25 June:

12.00 Saudi Arabia – Egypt A Volgograd Arena

14.00 Uruguay – Russia Samara Aaron

18.00 Spain – Marruecos B Kaliningrado Stadium

18.00 Iran – Portugal B Mordovia Arena Saransk

– Tuesday 26 June:

14.00 Denmark – France C Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

14.00 Australia – Perú C Fisht Stadium Sochi

18.00 Iceland – Croacia D Rostov Arena

18.00 Nigeria – Argentina D Zenit Arena San Petersburgo

– Wednesday 27 June:

14.00 On Corea – Alemania F Kazan Arena

14.00 Mexico – Sweden F Yekaterinburg Arena

18.00 Serbia – Brazil and Spartak Stadium Moscú

18.00 Switzerland – Costa Rica E Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

– Thursday 28 June:

14.00 Senegal – Colombia H Samara Arena

14.00 Japan – Polonia H Volgogrado Arena

18.00 England – Bélgica G Kaliningrado Stadium

18.00 Panama – Tunisia G Mordovia Saransk Arena

— Knockout

– Saturday 30 June:

14.00 1 C – 2 D (50) Kazan Arena

18:00 1 A – 2 B (49) Fisht Stadium Sochi

– Sunday 1 July:

14:00 1 B – 2 A (51) Luzhniki Moscow

18:00 1 D – 2 C (52) Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

– Monday 2 July:

14:00 1 E – 2 F (53) Samara Arena

18:00 1 G – 2 H (54) Rostov Arena

– Tuesday 3 July:

14:00 1 F – 2 E (55) Zenit Arena San Petersburgo

18:00 1 H – 2 G (56) Spartak Stadium Moscú


– Friday 6 July:

14:00 Winner 49 – Winner 50 (57) Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

18:00 Winner 53 – Winner 54 (58) Kazan Arena

– Saturday 7 July:

14:00 Winner 55 – Winner 56 (60) Samara Arena

18:00 Winner 51 – Winner 52 (59) Fisht Stadium Sochi


– Tuesday 10 July:

18:00 Winner 57 – Winner 58 (61) Zenit Arena San Petersburgo

– Wednesday 11 July:

18:00 Winner 59 – Winner 60 (62) Luzhniki Stadium Moscú


– Saturday 14 July:

14.00 Loser 61 – Loser 62 Zenit Arena San Petersburgo


– Sunday 14 July:

15:00 Winner 61 – Winner 62 Luzhniki Stadium Moscú

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