Germany, Fair World Champion Brazil 2014

Germany, Fair World Champion Brazil 2014
Having the World Cup in your hands is the best prize for a footballer.

The World Cup in Brazil is over 2014. Germany, a generation of gold that had been six years and even a little earlier staying close to the shore, finally manages to win the title that eluded him during all these years. In an intense finale, disputed, fierce where everything has happened, the Germans have imposed themselves on the Argentines led by a Leo Messi who was once again very far from what was expected of him and there are too many occasions. Even so, FIFA, To maintain his circus he has named him the best player of the tournament without being decisive in any of the decisive matches, things of Mr. Blatter and his people.

With a brilliant tournament and without losing a single match, the Germans are the highest scoring team in Brazil 2014. He put 4 to Portugal in the first game, 2 to Ghana with whom he drew and 1 the USA. In the second round he beat Algeria by 2-0 in overtime to win by 1-0 to France and 1-7 to Brazil in a match that went down in football history. With Mario Götze's goal in the final, the germans have marked 18 goals in 7 matches and have fit 3. Without a doubt some championship numbers. The German goalkeeper Neuer has been named Golden Glove in a World Cup in which the goalkeepers have stood out.

The Germans by the way, add their fourth star and incidentally, unbalance the record of World Cups won by Europe against South America. The balance is favorable for 11 a 9 for Europeans versus Americans. It has been a month of football in which 32 countries have passed through Brazil. Some with more pain than glory, others reached unimaginable heights. There have been surprises, disappointments and joys although there will be time to analyze everything. moment, We can only congratulate the new World Champions for the next four years and thus replace Spain and of course the runner-up, Argentina, for his excellent tournament. Congratulations Germany, Fair World Champion Brazil 2014.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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