Roberto Mancini and Fabio Ballotelli, to cakes

Roberto Mancini and Fabio Ballotelli, to cakes

Roberto Mancini y Mario Balotelli llegaron a las manos. His confrontation moved to the training camp Manchester City during the session on Thursday, when they were about to come to blows. The technician took the shirt front fractious after a hard tackle of it to a teammate, an image reproduced by the British media increases speculation output 'SuperMario'.
Coach and player lived a clash of jostling and scuffling and had to be separated by other members of the coaching staff. This latest dispute ends with the patience of a leading Mancini 'trying to tame’ Balotelli from his past together at Inter Milan.
Since last April and after the expulsion of striker against Arsenal, Mancini announced that its work with the front “had finished”. An act of indiscipline which led him fined 400.000 euros, equivalent to two weeks of his salary, the striker accepted two weeks ago.
This season, Balotelli began as one, but exhausted their opportunities in the derby last 9 from December. The Italian striker was titular, but the manager decided to change the very beginning of the second half by Tévez. “When you have a player of this quality you can not understand their ability to pull out of the window. This is incredible”, He said Mancini after the defeat at United 2-3. Since then, He has not played.
Not only their attitude within the field has been a problem for Balotelli, recent father of a girl, because his adventures outside the pitch would have ensured a constant presence in the British media. The City fined him in March for attending a club “striptease” a day before a league match. Your resume has many other controversial actions, like throwing a dart at a juvenile Manchester City, burn your own home with fireworks or stepping on the head of a rival.
Balotelli came in 2010 to Manchester City for 29,5 million euros from Inter Milan, city ​​they could return to play for AC Milan. But nevertheless, President of the Milan, Silvio Berlusconi, denied that the front, of 22 years, I was in his plans in his plans because not convinced “as a man”.

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