Coaches looking for love

Coaches looking for love

Life coach is harder than it looks. If the computer works fine, the credit goes to the players. If the computer does not work, It is not guilt as coach. Yes you have to take someone, first out is always the coach saying the now legendary phrase “it is easier to take than twenty-one”. further, modern football is a crushing machine coaches and where today are the number 1 tomorrow if the ball does not enter, does not trust you or the utillero.

Because, many coaches spend the season in search of a club they love and tread the stands of stadiums which night owl by the clubs or hangouts city fashion shift. Some get it because of the number of separations that occur during the season in the big leagues and others directly blank spend the year, that if without many nerves because of succulent severances in previous stages.

A program or APP of the many that exist in the market to link but focused on club coaches seeking imagine? We found this pretty funny infographic defined as there would be if this type of PPP for coaches who are looking for love. Some like Guus Hiddink and Carlo Ancelotti in a few months, they have succeeded.

Infographic courtesy of,35957.html
Infographic courtesy


Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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