The most controversial coaches in football history

The most controversial coaches in football history
"Mondays always think about switching to ten players, Tuesday at seven or eight, Thursday four, Friday two, and Saturday and I think they have to play the same scumbags "one of the legendary pearls JB. In pure state. Photo: Besoccer

Coaching is not easy. each coach, It has its peculiar vision of the game and not always, It is understood by all parties. On the other hand, the trainers, tend to have a special character that in some cases, roza controversy. These are some of the most controversial coaches in football history.


PACO Jemez

Paco Jemez is a guy who has gotten into a thousand polemics. In Mexico it was not long before several journalists face. Photo: Brand


Smoking a cigarette in the grass in a training Real. A peculiar type. A classic in every possible wars. His press conferences lately on a show and Twitter also. Photo: Brand


Never “positifo” forever “negatifo”. Van Gaal and his Castilian particularly.


"The real Madrid, as General Franco's club, He was accustomed, before democracy came to Spain, who he wanted to get and do what he pleased "

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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