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Signings that never debuted with their teams

Signings that never debuted with their teams
Keirrison in its unique image as a Barcelona player despite being linked to the club 5 years, when he posed with the shield. He did not play a match. PHOTO: AS

exist signings that did not make his debut with the club that signed. And is that joining a team, It is not always synonymous with success. In some cases, some arrive or to make debut. Whether by coach to turn the player does not have to be the case of a player who has come to change clubs within a few days of arriving at your new destination.

Jonny Otto

Atletico signed him Celta de Vigo 8 million euros in the summer of 2018 and he yielded to Wolverhampton. In the English club it materialized a good season which made the English club Atletico will buy it for 20 millions of euros, making win at Atletico 12 million for a player who did not get to make debut with Atletico Madrid.


signings that did not make debut
Jonny Otto joined Atletico Madrid and did not debut with the rojiblancos. PHOTO:


Barca spent about 20 million between the cost of signing and salary in this Brazilian player which it was supposedly a global crack. Signed under the legacy of Laporta, He never got to make debut and even surely, Many fans will remember or. After three years of assignments around the world, gifted ended a nefarious business rather than the interests of the Catalan club.

Martin Demichelis

Argentina reached the Spanish League to play in Malaga where he made several good campaigns. This, that earned him Atletico Madrid's Diego Simeone notice him and fichara. However just He spent several days in athletic ranks since he left Manchester City Pellegrini his coach Málaga without having played a competitive match or the mattress club.

signings that never debut
Martin Demichelis dressed Atletico in his presentation but did not play any official party. PHOTO: Brand

Fabian Ayala

Argentina is a myth for fans of Valencia. strong defense, chair sat with the shirt of Valencia team. But nevertheless, at the end of his time in Mestalla, the Villarreal he became interested in him who signed him to shore up his defense. What was surprising was when Zaragoza, He paid its clause within days, before debuting with the club Castellon.

Edwin Congo

Real Madrid made a number of foreign investments in recent years of the twentieth century. One was that of the Colombian player who went to look for the Once Caldas. He never played an official match and after being given teams like Valladolid, gifted ended Levante where he spent several seasons generating a sort of strange love-hate relationship with fans granota, Recreativo de Huelva and Sporting Gijon. He ended his playing days by different clubs and Third Regional Valencia.

Rodrigo Fabri

The Brazilian player was the umpteenth pearl carioca football coming to Europe. Real Madrid in the late twentieth century threw down the gauntlet in hopes of having him as a new world crack. Nothing is further from reality. I ended loan at Valladolid and years later in the Athletic. In the white club He never got to play any game and the only time he was seen near the Real Madrid shirt It was when caught in his presentation as white player.

signings that did not make debut
Rodrigo Fabri only used the shirt of Real Madrid once. It was in his presentation. It was another one of those signings that did not make debut. PHOTO: AS


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