Mario Alberto Kempes: he “Matador” It marked an era

Mario Alberto Kempes: he “Matador” It marked an era
Kempes is possibly one of the best Argentine players in history. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Mario Alberto Kempes is one of the great legends of Argentine football. One of the great scorers of the years 70-80 who left his mark with the albiceleste shirt of the Argentine national team and with that of Valencia CF where he has is without a doubt, one of the best players in its history.

Mario Alberto Kempes: The matador

The legendary Argentine goalscorer was born in Bell Ville, Cordoba, Argentina, he 15 July 1954. Was a 9 of area, with a crushing left hand and an overwhelming goalscoring ease. he had quality, speed and courage. I was always more attentive than the rest to win that second necessary to anticipate the defense apart from having a physical and athletic extraordinary conditions. Topping head, He ordered piles of balls to rival networks .

One of the best footballers in the history of Valencia

He debuted in the Primera Division Argentina 1973 and when he joined Valencia in 1976, He had already won the trophy twice top scorer in Argentina. Both with Rosario Central. En Valencia, “The matador” He would reach their peak earning two pichichis ( Seasons 1976/77 y 1977/78).

Besides, As a Valencia player he also experienced a brilliant period in terms of titles with the conquest of the King's Cup in 1979, his two goals Real Madrid and Arsenal Cup Winners Cup. Anecdotally, Valencia won the trophy on penalties and missed his Kempes but he was the top scorer of the competition.

Also during that time, he “Matador” managed to win the European Super Cup by Nottingham Forest, European champion and most powerful team that time. He never failed to win the league during his trip. He returned to Argentina in 1981 by 300 million pesetas of the time, to play at River Plate where he won the tournament that year.

River but could not cope with the transfer payments and paid only half virtually the transfer, which he made Kempes had to return to Valencia again. There again thrashing goals to rival 1985, year in which the “Matador” He ended a successful period in the city of Turia.

Después se fue al Hércules, where he spent two seasons and began its decline to end playing middling teams in exotic countries to withdraw almost 50 years in Indonesia 1996. After, He began a very fruitful career as coach; Indonesia; Albania and Bolivia, Aside from having a position in the technical secretariat of Valencia for a while.

One of the best Argentine players of history

International for Argentina, juice 43 games and scored 20 goals, reaching its greatest success by winning the World Cup 1978, held in Argentina precisely, where he was also the top scorer and Golden Boot with 6 goals. He played two more World; the previous 1974 and that of 1982 in Spain. After that World Cup, he passed the baton and 10 in zamarra ,to such a Diego Armando Maradona.

Definitely, Mario Alberto Kempes is one of the best Argentine footballers in history. Without discussion.

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