Boil, a symbol of Atlético de Madrid, I could leave the club

Boil, a symbol of Atlético de Madrid, I could leave the club
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We haven't even reached the halfway point of this season and rumors are already beginning to emerge about the future of players like Boil, whose continuity in the Atlético de Madrid is in question.

The captain of the red and white team, of 31 years and with more than 600 matches with the shirt Athletes, contract ends next June of the year 2024 and it seems that there is no clear approach regarding a more than probable renewal.

Nevertheless, The footballer himself has made it clear on several occasions that his idea has always been to continue defending the shield that he loves so much.. In fact, This was commented last August at the microphones of the El Larguero program, Cadena SER:

I've always said it: I want to finish my career in Atlético. We'll listen to the club when it comes, but my idea has always been to end here”.

To these words we must add those he spoke in October, just coming out of an injury:

“From my injury I am very well. I have gone from 0 a 100 in five weeks, because there were many weeks without competing. I feel good. About my renewal, tranquillity. I'm enjoying the moment of my last year, But my idea is to retire here and I'm sure there won't be a problem.”.

There are clubs interested in: Koke could leave Atlético

Despite all this, the latest information known about Boil and their future are all going in the same direction. Apparently, he Atlético de Madrid He has made a move and has already offered him a contract extension, although at the moment there is no agreement between the parties for a clear economic reason.

This renewal proposal is in accordance with a salary that, in principle, would not be well regarded by a Boil what, according to what the colleagues at '' say, I would have other offers on the table.

And this portal specialized in transfer matters, recently published an article in which it was commented that the Spanish midfielder would have interest from teams from Qatar y Arabia Saudi.

This whole scenario makes us think that if finally Boil and the Atlético they do not reach understanding, The footballer could take a radical and unexpected turn in his sporting career.

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