The motives, according to Sergio Ramos, of his departure from Real Madrid

The motives, according to Sergio Ramos, of his departure from Real Madrid
Sergio Ramos has given his version of his departure from Real Madrid. PHOTO: Real Madrid

Much has been speculated in recent months about how the ‘case would finally be resolved Sergio Ramos' at Real Madrid. As well, the outcome is already known: the captain leaves the white club.

There has been no understanding between the central Beds and its president, Florentino Perez. Ramos I wanted two years of contract, and the club did not accept to extend beyond one season. further, many media and journalists have pointed out that the main cause that would prevent the renewal of Ramos it was the money, but the footballer himself has been in charge of making it very clear that economics never endangered his continuity in the Santiago Bernabeu.

His departure was quickly announced, And in the same way there has been a farewell act that has not been a big deal either. Again, Florentine and the Madrid they fail again in the ‘goodbye’ to one of their legends, as it happened in its day with figures like Raul, Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo O, more recently, Zinedine Zidane.

Sergio Ramos has not hidden, and has released his version of what happened

After an act of farewell where the tension was more than evident, Sergio Ramos has given a press conference in which he has settled with a stroke of the pen why he will not continue to wear white next season: "It has not been a money problem, it's been a problem for years. I asked for two seasons and the club offered me one and ten percent less salary. In the end, I accepted the one year proposal, but then the club told me that it was already expired. I had not been informed that the offer had an expiration date. I did not expect. I don't know why the offer had expiration, or I didn't find out well ".

In these words it is intuited that the Real Madrid, and more specifically Florentino Perez, they did not want to delay the times much, and that perhaps there was also a will on the part of the club so that Ramos do not renew.

Nothing is yet known about his future

After 16 seasons, 22 Titles, 671 parties and 101 goals, Sergio Ramos leave the Real Madrid to become a club legend and one of its best defenders (if not the best) of all times.

But nevertheless, it is not yet known what will be the soccer player's next destination. It was rumored with a possible return to the Sevilla, but that option has been discarded by the protagonist. So, now we have to wait to see which shirt the camero will defend the next campaign.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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